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Inventory of Government Programme

  • An inventory of governance programmes will be available at the beginning of 2004 and it will aim at identifying the existing initiatives and programmes for the exchange of innovative experiences in public administration at the regional and sub-regional levels (inventory of ongoing programmes), so as to avoid duplications and create, where possible, synergies. Particular attention will be given to assessing the nature and quality of existing governance programmes in the following areas:

    a) Enabling environment for private sector development and investment;

    b) Public service delivery;

    c) Quality of the relationship between governments and citizens (Accountability, Transparency, and Efficiency);

    d) Administrative decentralization and relations between national, regional and local levels;

    e) Performance evaluation in public organizations;

    f) Programming and budget management in public organizations.
    The methodologies of the African Governance Inventory are being used to produce an Inventory of existing initiatives and programmes for the exchange of experiences in public administration at the sub-regional level and access the information regarding governance reform initiatives in North Africa, i.e. Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Libya. The results obtained by this pilot activity will benefit both projects and will be submitted to one of the next meetings foreseen by the InnovMed project to assess whether it would be useful to extend the AGI to the other countries of the Mediterranean region.
    Welcome to the Africa Governance Inventory Portal
    The  AGI  is  a database on governance in Africa which is set up, validated and  updated  by  the  governments of  participating countries directly on Internet   at   the   site  The  AGI  was established  to  respond  to a need expressed by African governments during the First AGF held in 1997.  This tool is operational to date thanks to the financing  of  the  UNDP  and  of  the  Government  of  Italy, and with the technical support of UNDESA.


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