Summer 2004 Issue 6
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  APEC Science and Technology Ministers Call for Research into Information Technology and Science Skills Shortfall
Asian Countries Join Spam War
Global Survey on WSIS Targets
Internet Governance Issues Discussed at ITU Workshop
Korea Ranks First in e-Commerce Awareness
Mechanisms to Protect Consumer & Business Information in e-Commerce: Focus of APEC Symposium on Data Privacy
Parallel Sessions During the 4th Annual Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region (CIAPR IV ) in Shanghai
PC Sales in Asia Grows Almost 10 Percent in 2003
PC Shipments Slower But Still Robust to 2005
U.N. Projects Historic City Populations by 2007
Internet Traffic to Reach 15 Tbytes a Second by 2008, Says Probe
Korea, China, Japan Unified in 4G Mobile Phone Standard
IDC Wins Contracts to Provide Broadband Satellite Network in Asia
Samsung Electronics Rises, Nokia Falls in World Wireless Handset Market
Asia-Pacific IT Spending to Rise 10 Pct in '04-IDC
Online Travel Market in Asia to Hit US$16b by '06
APEC Workshop on Sci-Tech Intermediary Mechanisms Begins
The World's Telecommunications Engine
"APT Regional Forum for ICT Experts in South-East Asia" Held
59th IETF Meeting Showcases Latest Broadband Technology
Worldwide IT Skills Shortage and Sustainable Development - High on APEC Science Ministers' Meeting Agenda
The Press Conference on the 4th Annual Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region
South Korea to Host APEC Info-Tech Meeting in 2005
The ITU TELECOM Board Recommends Final Negotiations with Hong Kong, China for the Next ITU TELECOM WORLD Event
The 1st International Conference on "Information Statistics of the Internet: Measurement, Analysis and Applications"
  AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Ban on Female TV Performers Lifted
CHINA: New Regulation Protects Privacy in Personal Credit Rating
Rule Opens More Data to the Public
Shanghai: Development Plan Through 2007 Set
Hong Kong, Shenzhen to Cooperatein IC Development
Beijing: New Legislation Would Make More Info Public
Hong Kong: Government Focuses on IT Education
Chinese Government Technology Agency Joins OSDL: It Hopes to Bring Internationalization Features to Linux
China to Issue E-Commerce Regulations
China Edges Towards Digital Signatures
Shanghai to Enhance Government Work Transparency
Beijing: Gov't Regulations Easier to View
IRAN: 3,900 Telecommunication Projects Kick Off
JAPAN: ATM, Internet Payment System for Gov't Fees Starts
Prediction of Communications Crisis Prompts Japan's Telecom Ministry to Take Action
Two Ministries to Launch IT Project
Digital TV Standard for Cell Phones Set in Japan
Court Denies Copyright for Web News Headlinesc
MPHPT Designates Two Areas as IT Business Model Areas
Japan Bets New Internet Standard to Drive E-World
Govt Draws Guidelines on Getting IT Services
SOUTH KOREA: NCA Spearheading Digitization
Gov't Plans to Create 270,000 IT Jobs by 2007
50 Small Cities to Be Built
Korea to Build 50 New Towns by 2012
Antispam Legislation
Government to Spend 54 Billion Won to Improve Information Capabilities of Underprivileged
New Internet Anti-Libel Law Unenforceable for Now: NEC
Ministry to Revise Law to Crack Down Spam Mail
  INDONESIA: House Should Quickly Approve Cyber Law
BURMA: E-Procurement Project Formally Launched
MALAYSIA: Closer Towards K-Society
ICT-Literate Society Needed
Malaysian Cyberlaws Need to Keep Up
Cybercrime: Business and The Law on Different Pages
SINGAPORE: IDA Raises Wireless Bandwidth, Lowers Equipment Dealers' Licence Fee
Singapore Government to Award S$700m in IT Contracts This Year
Singapore Seeks Views on Proposed Amendments to Electronic Transactions Act
Singapore Government Mulls Anti-Spam Law
THAILAND: Digital Divide: Help on the Way for Disabled Net Surfers
  BANGLADESH: Move to Rationalise Mobile Phone Call Charges
National Economic Council Okays 8 Projects
BTTB Mobile Phones to Hit the Market by 2006 -BTTB Chairman Tells New Age
Link with Submarine Cable by July
JS Body to Probe High Tariffs of Cellphone - BTTB Asked to Maintain Schedule
BHUTAN: Comprehensive ICT Policy Needed
INDIA: Paradigm Shift in IT Laws' Recognition
Don't Regulate Cable Rates
MALDIVES: Telecommunications Authority of Maldives to Provide License to Island Communities to Set Up Telephone Networks
NEPAL: SAP- Nepal Says Information Key to Development
Govt to Expand Telecenters
PAKISTAN: Two Companies Get Cell Phone Licences
  AUSTRALIA: Action Course on Open Sourcec
New Act to Combat Passport Fraud
Govt to Make Interception Easier
Spam Laws Loom for Businesses
Canberra Buries Censorship Detail
E-commerce Patent Can Now Be Enforced
New Laws for Web Predators
NEW ZEALAND: New Start for Government Legislation Online Project
Govt Forces Web Rules
  AFGHANISTAN: First Public Appearance by Women at Khost Radio Station Opening
CHINA: Internet Helps Public Affairs Decision-Making
Civil Servants Began to Receive Mobile Communications Allowance this Month
Shanghai Planning Free E-Mail Boxes
HONG KONG: Information Security Key to Successful E-Business
Information Security Key to Successful E-Business: Official
Beijing: Netizens Petition New Mayor
Hong Kong Shares E-Government Experience with Danish Delegation
Hong Kong Smart ID Card Holders Embrace E-Cert
HONG KONG: EMB Seeks Views on Promoting IT in Education
The Formal Opening of APIRA Website
Guangdong Introduces Online Lawsuit
China Starts Issuing 2G ID
Nation Quickens Spread of E-Gov't
IRAN: Ecommerce Trailing
JAPAN: Gov't to Accept Online Passport Applications in March
Protection of Gov't Databases Insufficient, Report Shows
Web Site Set Up To Support Socially Isolated People
Time to Legalize Internet Campaigning
SOUTH KOREA: South Korea Ranks First in e-Commerce Awareness
CompTIA Helps IT Firms to Modify Public Policy
'Korea's E-Commerce Potential Limitless'
IT Award Presented
KAZAKHSTAN: Database of Innovation Technologies Created in RK
UZBEKISTAN: Uzdunrobita Introduces WAP and X-Press Payment Cards
Modernization of Management Information System for Uzbektelecom
  INDONESIA: Finance, Trade Ministries to Share Online Database
Regional Governments Enter Cellular Business
MALAYSIA: Online Vetting of Security Guards
E-Stamping Extended to JB Tax Office
Malaysia's General Election Fever Hits Cyberspace
Maximum Reliability, Without Clustering, for SMBs
SINGAPORE: More Taxpayers File Tax Returns Online
THAILAND: Govt Services for E-Citizens
Govt Services Come Online
Public Sector Web Sites Told to Become All-User Friendly
Upcountry Internet
  BANGLADESH: Bangladesh Ministry of Education Orders Over 4,600 Units of HP Compaq Business Desktop PCs
NGO Portal Launched "Bangladeshngo.Com"
INDIA: High-Tech Contest
It's a Hi-tech War for the Voters' Mind-Share
Govt to Build On-label Drug Usage Database
IBM to Set Up Linux at NISG
MALDIVES: President's Office Introduces Posting of Staff Vacancies on Their Website
  AUSTRALIA: RTA Plans Desktop Open Source
New Guardianship Website Launched
SA Councils Seek Broadband Links
State Pilots Desktop Open Source
New IT Identity Infrastructure for Comsuper
ATO Adopts Open Source Policy
NSW to Lobby for Mobile Jamming
IT Minister Wiliams to Retire
NEW ZEALAND: Health Official Used Net Date Service 299 Times
Govt IT Centre Big Boost for Industry
Broadband Boost for Schools
NZ Lagging Behind in Broadband Uptake
Telecom Rivals Urge Government to Open Local Line Access