Workshop on the maximization of the results of the National Programme on Good Governance and on the AGI database in Mauritania (14 - 15 December 2004)
23 Nov 2004

A Workshop on the maximization of the results of the National Programme on Good Governanceand on the AGI database washeld in Nouakchott, Mauritania, from 14 to 15 December 2004. One of the sessions of this workshop was devoted to reviewing the AGI - Mauritania data to ensure its reliability and national ownership as well as formalising its management modalities via the Internet. The specific objectives of this session were:

Harmonizing the initiatives of governance in Mauritania(ongoing - planned - in progress) according to the components of the NPGG.

Validating the recently updated AGI - Mauritaniadata.

Supporting the ownership by the Government, the UNDP and the development partners in Mauritania.

Reviewing the AGI management interface with development partners to ensure the sustainability of the system.

Drawing the benefits of utilising the AGI in support of governance initiatives in the context of the specific regional and sub regional management mechanisms like the NEPAD and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).

Developing the capacities of analysing the AGI data for programming, monitoring and evaluating governance initiatives in Mauritania.

The importance and the utility of the AGI were underlined, and the following specific recommendations were formulated in this respect:

  • Undertake suitable steps in order to mobilize the resources required to complete, as soon as possible, of the operation of update of the database started in November 2004;
  • Proceed to the registration of the Focal Point of the Government to the AGI system, to ensure its technical training and to set up a light structure equipped with adequate means to support him in the performance of his duties;
  • Work out indicators of performance for the various components of the governance being reproduced on the data base and to take care of the forward setting of the impact of the activities carried out;
  • Carry out a better coordination between the data base and the other bases providing of the data having milked to its field of competence (BCM, ONS, the World Bank, the IMF...)and to consider the creation of bonds with the major programs in the course of execution in the country;
  • Establish a framework involving development partners for the regular update of the database and to publicise its contents, in particular, among the agencies that are potential sources of governance information.