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Past Polls

In addition to economic growth, which of the following are helpful in achieving the MDGs?

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Unpan Poll
What is the importance of open data in governments?

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In the wake of the financial crisis, which of the following public administration reforms are most critical?

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What is the most effective way in which ICT can improve governance in post-conflict settings?

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1. What are the most concerned area(s) in today's Public Administration?

Citizen engagement in public affairs (232) 36%
Institutional building (129) 20%
Leadership and HR development (149) 23%
Online service delivery improvement (134) 21%


1. Which of the following e-Government services is the most important to you as a citizen? (Select one or more)

Online information, e.g. regulations and notifications (324) 41%
Online payment for taxes, utilities, etc (258) 33%
e-Participation, e.g. online polling (206) 26%

1. Which of the following do you find it most useful?

Publications (57) 22%
e-Learning (58) 23%
Advisory Services  (43) 17%
Contact Directory (45) 18%


1. Did you know that The United Nations General Assembly designated 23 June as the United Nations Public Service Day to “celebrate the value and virtue of service to the community”?

Yes (280) 50%
No (283) 50%

How would you prefer to be notified of UNPAN's latest products and services?

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Which of the following issues pertaining to Public Administration and Gender is the most important?

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