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Documents Posted in the Last 15 Days

 Masters Degree Online in Public Administration
Description: Masters Degree Online in public administration provides information to current and prospective graduate students who is pursuing a career in public administration or related fields. Its directory allows you to search schools by institution size, geographic area, tuition cost, and school type. Its primary focus is online master degree programs, but we acknowledge that on-campus programs at traditional brick-and-mortar schools are the best options for some students. Therefore, you can search for both online and on-campus programs here.

Click here for Online Masters Degree in Public Administration.

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 e-Governance in Small States
Description: ICTs can digital pathways between citizens and governments, which are both affordable, accessible and widespread. This offers the opportunity for developing small states to leapfrog generations of technology when seeking to enhance governance or to deepen democracy through promoting the participation of citizens in processes that affect their lives and welfare. 
For small developing countries, especially those in the early stages of building an e-Government infrastructure, it is vital that they understand their position in terms of their e-readiness, reflect upon the intrinsic components of an e-Governance action plan, and draw lessons from the success and failures of the various e-Government initiatives undertaken by other countries, developed or developing.   This book aims to strengthen the understanding of policy-makers by outlining the conditions and processes involved in planning and ution of e-Government projects.

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 Going for Governance: Lessons Learned from Advisory Interventions by the Royal Tropical Institute
Description: The 15 cases presented in this book illustrate the different kinds of advice and support that advisors from the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) have delivered to help partners around the world improve people&rsquo s lives by "going for governance.&rdquo Taken as a whole, these accounts show the range of processes and interventions that have helped strengthen governance in diverse settings and situations. Taken individually, each case study can be used as reference materials for a variety of training courses. The aim of this book is to provide ideas and inspiration for those who are asked to advise on governance issues in various kinds of development programs and sectors, or explore opportunities to use innovative and creative governance approaches and tools in KIT&rsquo s joint initiatives with partners in the South.

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 Education Index
Country: United States

The Education Index at PhDs.org is the premier source of clear and educational data about undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. We use publicly available numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and strive to present them in a simple and easy-to-digest way. Our desire is to make it easy for you to pick the best college you possibly can with this index: a college that fits your financial, social and educational interests and goals.

Click here to visit the Education Index.

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 Electronic Government at the Local Level: Progress to Date and Future Issues
Description: ABSTRACT
Much like businesses with electronic commerce, public organizations are beginning to embrace electronic government (e-government). This article defines the term e-government,d iscusses the literatureo f local-level e-government,a ndd ocumentst he
adoption and sophistication of e-government among U.S. local governments. It
employs data from a survey conducted in 2000 to examine local adoption of e-government. E-government adoption among local governments generally tracks previously
documented patterns of information technology adoption, which show a statistically
significant relationship between adoption and such demographic variables as population
size, form and type of government, region, and metro status. The article compares
the results of that survey to a normative model of e-government maturity and finds that
the emergence of e-government at the local level is still in its formative stages. The analysis also examines perceived impacts from e-government, sophistication of
e-government offerings, barriers to adoption of e-government, and ways in which
these variables might be interrelated.

Public Performance & Management Review(2003) Vol. 26, No.4, 325-344pp

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