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United States U.S.: Future Technologies Must Be Designed to Free Us From Our Screen Addiction
Looking back at technology over the years, it’s funny how quaint the older stuff seems: From simple telephones to basic games, innovation used to focus on functionality, task and purpose.
United States U.S.: Obama Says Customer Experience is a Big Deal. Is it?
On his final appearance on "The Daily Show," President Obama talked about technology, government modernization and – perhaps most important – his administration’s push to improve the relationship between federal agencies and the customers they serve.
United States U.S.: Can US Cyber Nerve Center Hold Onto Its New Leaders?
On May 6, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced a hotshot hire shortly would be at the helm of the nation's 24-hour cyber watch floor.
Canada Canada: Election 2015 Tech Watch - Website Helps Guide Voter Decisions
CollageHaving just been launched into possibly the longest federal election in living memory, those of us with a shorter attention span might become frustrated with months of attack ads and media coverage of campaign minutiae.
Canada Canada: The Ins and Outs of Cloud Service Level Agreements
Are you concerned about managing cloud service level agreements (SLAs), and what impact they might have on your use of cloud systems?
Canada Canada: 10 Lessons IT Departments Learned from the Summer of 2015’s Biggest Blockbusters
10 Lessons IT Departments Learned from the Summer of 2015’s Biggest Blockbusters
United States U.S.: Window into Public Policy (Commentary)
It’s time to make Congressional Research Service reports easily accessible to everyone.
United States U.S.: The Secret Suffering of the Middle Manager
When researchers try to determine the types of workers who are most prone to depression, the focus is usually on the misery of those at the bottom of a company’s hierarchy—the presumed stressors being the menial duties they're tasked with and their lack of say in defining the scope of their jobs.
United States U.S.: Obama Set to Push Canada, Other Nations on Climate Action
Seeking an Arctic stage to stress the grave perils posed by global warming, U.S. President Barack Obama will press northern nations, including Canada, for greater curbs on carbon emissions during his first official visit to Alaska on Monday.
United States U.S.: Obama OKs Pay Raise for Federal Civilian, Uniformed Employees
President Barack Obama is exercising his authority to give federal civilian employees and uniformed service members a pay raise effective Jan. 1, 2016.
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