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2018 items
United States U.S.: White House Announces Latest Presidential Innovation Fellows
These 27 civic-minded innovators will help the federal government advance on issues such as big data and crowdsourcing.
United States U.S.: When Citizens Decide How Public Money Is Spent
A few American communities are experimenting with participatory budgeting at the neighborhood level. Their experiences can help guide others interested in giving the idea a try.
United States U.S.: Not Just Silicon Valley - Feds Have a Gender Tech Gap, Too
After the disastrous launch of HealthCare.gov last year, one of the more common reform-minded refrains trumpeted around Washington was that, especially in this digital age, the government needed to operate more like a sleek, Silicon Valley startup.
United States U.S.: How to Address Cross-border Internet Conflicts
The Internet has facilitated advancements in the way we communicate, conduct business, and create marketplaces for innovation. For decades, sovereign nations have worked collaboratively, and data has flowed across nations borders.
United States U.S.: Agencies Are Increasingly Dismissing Discrimination Claims for the Wrong Reasons
Federal agencies are increasingly in the wrong when they dismiss discrimination charges, a report released on Monday found.
Canada Canada: Government Provides $11 Million for Health Research
Patients and researchers will benefit from a new $11-million grant from the provincial government to the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR).
United States U.S.: What America’s Cities Can Teach Washington, D.C.
The mayors of Oklahoma City, Tacoma and Pittsburgh appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday to discuss what politicians in Washington, D.C., could learn from America’s enterprising cities.
Canada Canada: PM Marks 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Sir George-étienne Cartier
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today marked the 200th anniversary of Sir George-étienne Cartier’s birth in a ceremony at Chateau Frontenac National Historic Site of Canada.
United States U.S.: Cloud Computing under Siege
The benefits of cloud computing can hardly be overstated.
United States U.S.: House Postpones Vote on Short-term Spending Bill
House Republican leaders are postponing a vote on a short-term spending bill as they weigh President Barack Obama's request for the authority to train and equip Syrian rebels battling Islamic State militants.
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