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34th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners
Start Date: Oct 23, 2012
End Date: Oct 24, 2012
Venue: Conrad Hotel of Punta del Este (Punta del Este)
Description: The 34th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners has been held since 1978 and it is the only international event that brings together all the commissioners related with privacy regulation and personal data protection, as well as experts, representatives from civil society and academia. The previous editions took place in France, Spain, Israel and Mexico, and it is the most important meeting worldwide on issues relating to privacy and personal data protection. Its main objective is to generate exchanges, share knowledge and promote projects of rules and regulations to be adopted for the cooperative work among the nations, an essential requisite with a view to a problem of global scope which does not recognize geographical boundaries. The opening ceremonies of the previous editions of the International Conference were led by high dignitaries and authorities of the host country.

Panels and conferences about the following topics:

  • Personal Data: the impact of emerging trends on the Information Society- Expectations raised by the Information Society regarding standards and practices referred to personal data protection.
  • Data Protection and E-Government- In times of new IT-based Governance, Government agencies are simple Personal Data collecting agents which simply use them to accomplish their particular objectives.
  • Open Government- The new Technologies deliver opportunities for an exchange of information, people participation and collaboration.
  • Public and Private Geolocation- Applications are tailored to our needs and enable the gathering of information in real time through a single device connected to the web.
  • E - Health- What steps are being taken to ensure safety regarding health data, considered sensitive personal data?
  • Awareness raising and Dissemination Tools: are you ready for a 3.0 life?- Analysis of new challenges that Web 3.0 presents to privacy and data protection, initiatives and strategies that the authorities and civil society want to carry on.
  • Forensic Tools: what our devices tell about us- Besides the technical aspect, such processes entail legal aspects referred to personal data protection and security of information.
  • Cooperation Tools: the possible and effective way- International cooperation among DPAs is an essential tool that should encompass the development of IT.
  • Online Behavioral Advertising- It is a way to keep the sites updated according to the interests of users by capturing their behavioral data on the Internet.
  • Biometrics- Three fundamental aspects are tackled: freedom, security and privacy, all ítems analized in this panel in the light of the present biometric technique.
  • Smart Data- Intelligent systems combine sensors and objects on the net with sofisticated data analysis.
  • Informed Consent, rule or exception?- Acts of data protection and the dictum on the definition of consent adopted by the Data Protection Group on Article 29.
  • Fundamental Rights - The personal data protection understood as an “autonomus fundamental right” is one undisputed pillar in every society.
  • Piracy and Privacy: Criss-cross challenges- This panel is going to discuss and search for guidelines that should be part of an eventual regulation on the matter, to be reached in consensus.
  • M Panel: Exploring lines of work: research and projects- Privacy, far from getting exhausted, repeatedly finds new guidelines and proposals that allows for its consolidation and expansion.
  • Plenary III – Privacy regulation model- Personal data protection is specifically regulated in several parts of the world due to different reasons in harmony with the social, economic, politic and legal reality of each country or region.
  • The new European Regulation. Present situation- The impact of the use of the technology requires the introduction of changes that facilitate adecuate protection and effective control of personal data.
  • Personal Data Protection in Latin America: Expanding horizons- From whose perspective was this right incorporated in the region, which system was chosen, what is the role of the guaranteeing entities?

Go to the application form to formalize your registration and view information about the costs of the event, details about discounts for groups, the regime of companions and reimbursement policies for enrollment to the 34th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. The deadline for entries is 15 October 2012.
Access to the Registration Form at https://www.privacyconference2012.org/inscripciones/inscripcionconvocatoria.aspx?idformulario=181
Website: http://www.privacyconference2012.org/english/
Organizers: Unidad Reguladora y de Control de Datos Personales (URCDP) – Uruguay
Participation Requirements: Open

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