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UNPAN-AP Editorial Department Publishes Documents on e-Gov and ICT Development
Source: UNPAN-AP Editorial Department
Source Date: Friday, July 19, 2013
Focus: ICT for MDGs
Created: Jul 19, 2013

As a powerful tool for economic and social development, ICT aims at bridging the digital divide and aiding economic development by fostering equitable access to modern communications technologies. In modern society, the application of ICT and e-Gov is playing their increasing role to reach MDGs.


This time UNPAN-AP Editorial Department feels honored to have collected and compiled about 150 documents on this specific topic, covering fields such as e-Gov, e-Commerce, e-Society, e-Security, Internet and Informatization Development. Titles of the documents are listed below, and please click on what you are interested in and your feedback is greatly appreciated at unpan-ap@sass.org.cn.



International: 2011: Piracy Wars and Internet Censorship

International: A Comparison of Network Neutrality Approaches in: The U.S., Japan, and the European Union

International: Digital Divide from Computer Access to Online Activities – A Micro Data Analysis

International: e-Government: Five Key Challenges for Management

International: Evaluating the Impacts of Online Banking Factors on Motivating the Process of E-banking

International: Four Phases of Internet Regulation

International: Globalization in Development: Do Information and Communication Technologies Really Matter?

International: ICT for Development Draft Resolution at the United Nations

International: Local Nets on a Global Network: Filtering and the Internet Governance Problem

International: The Choice of Governance Mode in ICT Alliances: A Property Rights Approach

International: The Future of Internet Regulation

International: Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2010-11 - Enabling Tomorrow’s Digital World


East Asia:

China: Characteristics of E-Waste Recycling Systems in Japan and China

China: Interim Measures for Management on Online Commodity Trading and Relevant Service Behaviors (in Chinese)

China: Investigation Report on the Application of Internet in China's SMEs in the First Half of 2012 (in Chinese)

China: Investigation Report on the Application of Internet in China's SMEs in the Second Half of 2012 (in Chinese)

China: Management Approach to Communication Network Security Protection (in Chinese)

China: National Government Informatization Construction During the Twelfth Five-Year-Plan Period (in Chinese)

China: Report(3C) on Chinese Netizens’ Consuming Behavior in 2012 (in Chinese)

China: Report on the Application of Chinese Netizens’ Social Websites in 2012 (in Chinese)

China: Report on the Investigation of Chinese Network Literature Users (in Chinese)

China: Report on the Investigation on Development of China Mobile Internet (in Chinese)

China: Report on the Research of Chinese Netizens’ Information Security in 2012 (in Chinese)

China: Report on the Security of Chinese Online Payment (in Chinese)

China: Research on the Influence of Social Events and Internet Media (in Chinese)

China: Research Report on the Behavior of Chinese Mobile Net Users (in Chinese)

China: Research Report on the Development of Chinese Mobile Browser (in Chinese)

China: Several Opinions on Promoting Informatization Development and Guaranteeing Information Security (in Chinese)

China: The 29th Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development (in Chinese)

China: The 30th Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development (in Chinese)

Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea: A Double-Edged Sword Information Technology in North Korea

Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea: The Korea Computer Centre

Japan: Beyond Policy Strategic Actions to Support ICT Integration in Japanese Schools

Japan: E-Elections: Time for Japan to Embrace Online Campaigning

Japan: E-Learning in Japan: Past, Present, and Future

Japan: Entrepreneurship in Japan’s ICT Sector: Opportunities and Protection from Japan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Shift

Japan: Japanese Local Governments and ICT

Japan: Municipal Government ICT in 3.11 Crisis Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis

Japan: The Institutional Context for the Growth and Internationalization of ICT Start-Ups in Japan: Evidence from Rakuten and GREE

Japan: The Use of ICT and E-Learning in Higher Education in Japan

Japan: The Use of Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) in Evaluating Japan's E-government Services

Japan: Value of Japanese Internet Economy

Republic of Korea: E-Learning in the Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea: E-Tourism: An Innovative Approach for the Small and Medium-sized Tourism Enterprises(SMTES) in Korea

Republic of Korea: South Korea Information and Communication Industry


South East Asia:

Indonesia: ADB Rural ICT Project Indonesia Country Case Study Report

Indonesia: An Overview of the Development Indonesia National Cyber Security

Indonesia: Benchmarking Indonesian Local E-Government

Indonesia: Determining the Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Decent Work in Indonesia

Indonesia: E-Government Grid Services Topology Based on Province and Population in Indonesia

Indonesia: E-Government Implementation in Indonesia: Financial Transparency on the Web

Indonesia: ICT Alternative for Primary Care Delivery in Indonesia: A Proposal

Indonesia: ICT Sector Performance Review for Indonesia

Indonesia: Investigating the Potential of Mobile Phones for E-Governance in Indonesia

Indonesia: The Importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Development to Indonesia’s Future

Malaysia: Assessing E-Commerce Adoption by Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

Malaysia: The Influence of Malaysian Telecenters on Community Building

Philippines: Promoting E-Government in the Context of New Public Management: The Case of the Local Government of Cebu, Philippines

Philippines: The Power of Information: The Impact of Mobile Phones on Farmers' Welfare in the Philippines

Singapore: Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill (Singapore)

Singapore: E-Commerce and Privacy in Singapore

Singapore: E-Learning in Singapore: A Brief Assessment

Singapore: Globalization and E-Commerce: Growth and Impacts in Singapore

Singapore: National E-Commerce Legislation in Asia and the Pacific: The Case of Singapore

Singapore: Singapore E-Commerce Survey 2009-2010 Report (Phase 1)

Singapore: Singapore E-Government and E-Engagement

Singapore: Singapore’s Strategy in Securing the Cyberspace

Singapore: The Evolution of Government Infocomm Plans: Singapore’s E-Government Journey (1980–2007)

Thailand: Determinants of E-Commerce Usage in the Hotel Industry in Thailand: An Empirical Study

Thailand: Key Success Factors Behind Electronic Medical Record Adoption in Thailand


South Asia:

Bangladesh: The Adoption of Mobile Commerce Service among Employed Mobile Phone Users in Bangladesh Self-efficacy as a Moderator

India: Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Organizations in India Strategic and Environmental Imperatives

India: A Vision of Citizen-Centric E-Governance in India

India: Centralized Allotment Process for the Professional Course Admissions - CAPNIC

India: Challenges and Role of Standard in Building Interoperable E-Governance Solutions

India: Child Record Information System - ChRIS

India: Computerized Dealer Service Centre

India: Computerisation of Personnel Information Systems (CPIS)

India: Development through Information Technology in Developing Countries: Experiences from an Indian State

India: E-Governance Approach in India: The National E-Governance Plan-NeGP

India: E-Government for Improving Performance of Power Sector in India

India: E-Government in India: Opportunities and Challenges

India: E-Governance Initiatives in India

India: E-Governance in Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization- PESO

India: E-Governance Policy for Modernizing Government through Digital Democracy in India

India: Election Confidential (ELECON)

India: E-Mitra

India: E-Procurement

India: E-Public Distribution Monitoring System - E-PDMS

India: Fast Reliable Instant Efficient Network for Disbursement of Services

India: Gazettes on Web

India: GIS Based Emergency Planning and Response Systems

India: Grievance Management System through Call Centre

India: Health Management Information System - HMIS

India: ICT in Delhi School Education System

India: Information Technology Annual Report 2008-09

India: Integrated Information System for Foodgrains Management - IISFM

India: Integrated Workflow and Document Management System - IWDMS

India: M-Government–Mobile Technology for E-Government

India: National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGS-AP Software)

India: Online Computerization of Treasuries (e-Kosh)

India: Performance of E-Governance in Indian Economy

India: Revenue Administration through Computerized Energy (RACE) Billing, Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB)

India: Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala– SPARK

India: Stamps and Registration Automation with Technology and Information (SARTHI)

India: System for Computerised Registration - SCORE

India: Treasury Accounting and Management System of Government of Bihar - E-KHAZANA

India: VAT Information Computerization to Optimize Revenue Yield (VICTORY)

India: VAT Information System

India: Web-Based Rail Reservation (Internet Ticketing)

India: Web-Enabled Lakshadweep Electricity Department

Sri Lanka: An Electronic Commerce Initiative in Regional Sri Lanka: The Vision for the Central Province Electronic Commerce Portal



Australia: Australia in the Digital Economy Consumer Engagement in E-Commerce

Australia: Digital Textbooks and e-Learning–An Australian Perspective

Australia: E-Commerce Marketplace in Australia Online Shopping

Australia: E-Democracy in Australia: The Challenge of Evolving a Successful Model

Australia: E-Government Benefits Study

Australia: Egovernment: Issues and Implications for Public Libraries

Australia: E-Learning in Australia

Australia: E-learning in Australia and Korea Learning from Practice

Australia: E-learning in Context: An Assessment of Student Inequalities in University Outreach Program

Australia: Electronic Commerce Benefits, Challenges and Success Factors in the Australian Banking and Finance Industry

Australia: Electronic Commerce Projects Adoption and Evaluation in Australian SMEs Preliminary Findings

Australia: Household E-Commerce Activity and Trends in Australia

Australia: Netalert-Protecting Australian Families Online

Australia: Organizing for E-Government in Search of Effective Act Governance in Australia

Australia: Retail in Australia: It’s Time to Embrace the Digital Future

Australia: The Australian Guidelines for Electronic Commerce

Australia: The Australian Online Consumer Landscape

Australia: The Future of Australian e-Learning: It’s All About Access

Australia: The Internet Service Market and Australians in the Online Environment

Australia: Trends and Issues in E-Learning Infrastructure Development

Fiji: Fiji’s Information-Economy and the Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy Education in the Age of Broadband

New Zealand: E-Local Government in New Zealand: The Shifting Policymaker View

New Zealand: E-Government: What Is It, and Will It Transform Government

New Zealand: NetSafe: The New Zealand Model for Internet (ICT) Safety Education

New Zealand: The State of E-New Zealand: 2004

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