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UN E-Government Survey in the News  
You may find the major news from media related to the United Nations E-Government Survey in this section.

E-Government in Russia in need of improvement
Source: http://806russiangii.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/e-government-in-russia-in-need-of-improvement/
Source Date: Sunday, May 02, 2010
Focus: Institution and HR Management
Country: Russian Federation
Created: May 03, 2010

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 2010 survey on e-government readiness Russia ranked 59th out of 192 (a one point increase over the previous year). Russia’s relatively low ranking compared to Western European countries is due to a combination of lower ICT connectivity and a low number of online public services offered. In 2001 the level of government online usage was 3%. Russia has created a government web page but it appears to be mainly an information portal only with no e-services offered.

This is a complex problem that both Russian citizens and government leaders are aware of. The online newspaper Russia Beyond the Headlines recently quoted President Dmitri Medvedev discussing the problems of e-government and that the Russian government does not effectively use IT: “Central and municipal authorities provide over 1,500 types of services, but people still have to line up for certificates and permits, and make multiple trips to resolve a single regulatory issue. Moreover, it’s often almost impossible to even find a description of the formal process,” One website I visited suggested that Russian citizens are distrustful of e-government and feel that it is unsafe.

The Ministry for Economic Development website posted an article on improvements to come in Russian e-government and stated that “the creation of e-government would lead to the emergence of a new system of control and greater responsibility of government officials.” “There will always be a person responsible, and no document will get lost,”.  The Russian government hoped to have a developed e-government system in place by the beginning of 2010 but clearly this has been delayed. I think the most important aspect of establishing e-government will be to provide greater transparency in government operations which will only increase Russian citizens’ trust in their federal government as a whole.


Ministry of Economic Development


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United Nations E-Government Survey, 2010, http://www.iis.ru/en/content/view/416/91/

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