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Kyrgyzstan Should Refuse Political Changes for Stability Achievement
Source: en.trend.az
Source Date: Friday, November 16, 2012
Focus: Institution and HR Management
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Created: Nov 19, 2012

Kyrgyzstan is going through hard times with both political and economic terms.

It seemed that the revolution can solve the problems of the post-Soviet republic of Central Asia, but it can't. Then all placed their hopes on a second revolution, and change of the government system from presidential to parliamentary with the idea that the first revolution just turned unsuccessful.

More than two years have passed since the second revolution in Kyrgyzstan, but there is still no stability in the country. Many may argue, mentioning progress in some areas, but in a global sense the country has the same problems - the budget deficit, economic issues and, more important, the instability of power, which, logically should deal with the problems of Kyrgyzstan, and not just deal with, but solve them.

Jantoro Satybaldiev became Prime Minister of the Republic on September 5. In addition the ministers have also been replaced, each of whom is aimed at the realization of their goals and objectives.

But there are talks about the possible resignation of Satybaldiyev and failure of certain officials less than three months later.

Observers may wonder if not a little time allocated to a particular political players in the country to solve the problems that have accumulated over the years? No politician will be able to fully express themselves in such a short period of time and in such difficult conditions, which now formed in Kyrgyzstan.

According to experts, only a sharp improvement in the economic situation in the country will be able to fix shattered system of Kyrgyzstan. First of all, this can be achieved through the provision of external loans and grants to Kyrgyzstan, which is not a perfect solution, though may have an impact on the economy. Foreign loans can often secretly put the country in a state of dependence on some external player.

Kyrgyzstan, despite the lack of a sufficient amount of natural resources is quite interesting market, which may attract such serious foreign investors as China, Turkey, Russia, and Azerbaijan in the future. Bishkek today should review it policy and to focus on creating the most favorable conditions for investment in the country.

As practice shows, many countries went through a similar policy to the forefront of the global economy. Kyrgyzstan may need a long time to achieve success in this direction, but if Bishkek can "bump" the economy in this way, the country will come to a sustainable path of development.

Some analysts called participation of the republic in regional integration as a possible tool for stability in Kyrgyzstan. The effectiveness of such measures, unfortunately, is not unequivocal today, as such regional groupings as the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, are quite young bodies, and many treat them with skepticism.

In addition, the country's participation in the organizations again leads to the limitation of its foreign policy freedom and a certain dependence on the "colleagues" in the groupings.

Bishkek now have to choose the tactics of their future policy. Either in the country will continue political reshuffle in which the participants will not have time to adapt to the post in order to make a positive contribution to the situation in the country or the political elite, giving up personal interests and priorities, focuses on the economic aspects of the policy of the republic, that in the future, sooner or later lead to the prosperity of the Central Asian country.
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