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Turkmenistan: President Chairs Meeting on Introduction of Electronic Document Management
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
Source Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010
Focus: Electronic and Mobile Government
Country: Turkmenistan
Created: Aug 30, 2010

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov chaired a working meeting focused on the introduction of electronic document management system and electronic document circulation system, the e-Government in Turkmenistan. The Vice Premiers, the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Communications and the Academy of Sciences took part in the meeting.

Focusing on the paramount importance of adopting advanced technologies, the national leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov demands that high-ranking officials widely introduce electronic document management system in all sectors of the national economy so as to increase further the effectiveness public administration in the country.

This task is stipulated by grandiose plans in the context of large-scale changes and reforms launched in Turkmenistan in all spheres of life of the state and society.

During the recent working meeting dedicated to the priorities of development of transport, communications and hydrometeorology sectors, the President emphasized on the particular importance of developing dynamically modern branches of communications and set the task to enhance further the capacity and update the activities in this field that should be based on the use of scientific and technological advances and state-of-the-art equipment.

During the recent government meeting the President instructed the relevant high-ranking officials to prepare the concrete proposals to upgrade document management system in Turkmenistan that was the first step towards the e-Government.

During this meeting the relevant high-ranking officials reported on the activity carried out to achieve this aim.

Minster of Communications O. Jumagulyev reported on the fulfillment of the Turkmen leader’s instructions. Reporting on the proposals the Minister demonstrated the system of electronic communications management on the monitor. Along with the vast opportunities for creating an electronic database and managing document circulation, this system allowed affixing an electronic signature to a document on the monitor, giving voice instructions and sending an e-document from mobile telephone.

President of the Academy of Sciences G. Mezilov made the presentations on the vast opportunities of the electronic document management system to accelerate the fulfillment of current tasks in all sectors of the national economy.

Commenting on the reports and focusing on the relevance of bringing the public administration system to a qualitatively new level, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov set the task to create the document management network that would cover all regions of the country. The President instructed to draft relevant statutory documents laying the legal groundwork for promotion of this project.

Noting that Turkmenistan was moving resolutely forward along the path of constructive endeavours and progress, the Turkmen leader emphasized that our ultimate goal was to actively adopt advanced technologies, bring all sectors of the national economy to a new level, facilitate development of science and education, guarantee the steady improvement of people’s welfare.

Then the floor was given to Vice Premier N. Shagulyev, who reported on the work done in accordance with the Turkmen leader’s instructions to study the best international practices in introduction and operation of electronic document circulation at a national level. The Vice Premier said that Turkmen specialists were engaged in developing the national model of electronic document circulation based on the study of best international practices and innovations in this field.

The Vice Premier H. Saparlyev reported on the work done to advanced technologies at schools, higher educational institutions and other educational and research establishments throughout the country.

The Vice Premier reported on the activity carried out in accordance with the Turkmen leader’s instructions to create the national system of electronic document management, introduce new teaching methods at research and educational institutions and apply widely advanced technologies at schools throughout the country Commenting on the reports President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that wide-scale introduction the national system of electronic document management would contribute to increasing the efficiency of the activity carried out to promote science and education in the country and demanded that latest technologies from the world’s leaders be widely introduced in these spheres.

Emphasizing that the Government would continue to support construction of schools and other educational institutions in compliance with international standards, the Turkmen leader emphasized on the relevance of taking the measures to develop the skills in using science-based technologies, expanding experience in this field and improving professional skills of educational workers.

Also, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the need to introduce the electronic document management system at ministries and departments, enterprises and organisations including velayat divisions. The Turkmen leader said healthcare and educational institutions must be connected to this system in the first place.

The wide-scale introduction of the e-system in all sectors of the national economy must facilitate addressing administration and management issues, improving control of facilities and equipment at enterprises, in storehouses and contribute to improving the quality of services rendered to population in various spheres.

Providing such an important sector of the national economy as agriculture as an example, the Turkmen leader emphasized that the effective introduction electronic documentation management in this sector would enable to monitor the progress of seasonal agricultural work, supervise activity and adopt decisions in a timely manner at the level of sectoral ministries as well as khyakimliks, etraps and agricultural enterprises.

In general, the introduction of the electronic system in this strategic sector would facilitative addressing many important issues regarding the large-scale agricultural reform launched in Turkmenistan that should be based on wide application of advanced management methods, latest technologies and scientific advances in industry that would create the conditions conducive to raising profitability of the agro-industry sector and stimulate progress of all its branches.

The e-system should be optimized in such sectors of Turkmen economy as the fuel and energy, chemical, processing, textile and food industries, construction, railway, motor, air and water transport, communications sectors, healthcare and others.

The introduction of electronic document circulation would contribute to increasing the efficiency of management of enterprises, provide an opportunity for effectively monitoring management business processes at all stages, optimizing document circulation and the time required for perfuming major functions, searching the information necessary for adopting managerial decisions. All these advantages would eventually have a positive impact on labour productivity at the level of particular enterprises and sectors but the national economy as a whole.

Summing up the proposals put forward during the meeting, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave instructions to the relevant high-ranking officials to develop and submit the general concept for introducing the electronic document management system in Turkmenistan to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration. The Turkmen leader emphasized that this document should be developed through studying the best international practices, advanced technologies and using technical innovations and achievements in this field.

In conclusion President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished the meeting participants good health and every success in their activity.
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