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Capacity-Building in Selected Least Developing Countries: The African Lusophone Countries, 1999

Decentralization: Conditions for Successes - Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, 2000

Rethinking Public Administration: An Overview

List of publications on Public Administration,1989-2000

List of publications on Public Administration,1992-2002

World Public Sector Report - Globalization and the State, 2001

Benchmarking E-Government: A Global Perspective, 2002

Decentralization and Poverty Reduction: Africa and Asia Experience, 2003

World Sector Report – E-Government at Crossroads, 2003

Innovations in Governance from around the World: Success Stories from the Winners of the United Nations Public Service Awards, 2003-2007

Citizen Participation and Pro-Poor Budgeting, 2005

Revitalizing public administration: Strategic directions for the future - Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, 28 February 2005

Participatory Planning and Budgeting at the Sub-national Level, 2005

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World Public Sector Report - Unlocking the Human Potential for Public Sector Performance, 2005

Human Resource Recruitment and Best Talent Retention Tool Kit for Public Sector, 2005

Innovations in Governance and Public Administration: Replicating What Works, 2006

Compendium of Innovative E-Government Practices, 2006

Implementing the Millennium Development Goals: Challenges and Responses for Public Administration, 2007

Excellence and Leadership in the Public Sector: The Role of Education and Training, 2007

Civic Engagement in Public Policies: A toolkit, 2007

Auditing for Social Change: A Strategy for Citizen Engagement in Public Sector Accountability, 2007

UN E-Government Survey 2008 - From E-Government to Connected Governance World e-Parliament Report 2008

Public Enterprises: Unresolved Challenges and New Opportunities, 2008

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