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Japan Japan approves bill to allow Emperor Akihito to abdicate
The bill describes the people’s sympathy toward the feelings of the Emperor, now 83, and also incorporates specific details of the abdication system, such as stating that the title for the Emperor after abdication will be “joko.”
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan’s Top Bank to Take Measures to Stabilize Its Financial Position
The International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA) plans to complete the transfer to the state its distressed assets that remained on the balance sheet of the bank, restructure liabilities and determine the strategy of the activities of affiliated banks.
Tanzania Tanzania: Tanzania launched e-communication system “Watumishi Portal” to ease service delivery
The United Republic of Tanzania launched a special portal to deal with Public Employees issues. The President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance coordinate the portal popularly known as Watumishi Portal and the main goal is to support easy communication within central and local government departments and enable quick problem solving and add transparency among staff members.
United States White House to Target 'Weakest Links' in Federal Networks
Rob Joyce, the White House point man on cybersecurity, said the recent executive order on cybersecurity signed by President Donald Trump means that federal networks are going to be treated with new relevance and that government is going to take a harder look at eliminating weak links in the chain.
United States Trump’s 2018 Budget Reportedly Targets Federal Retirement Programs
President Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget proposal reportedly will seek to cut contributions to federal employees’ retirement programs in a number of ways.
United States U.S.: NYC Chief Digital Officer Departs Amid Tech Reorganization
After less than one year in the post, Sree Sreenivasan has departed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration in the midst of a tech team reorganization.
South Africa South Africa: South Africa Commits to Provide Clean Water and Dignified Services
President Jacob Zuma has called world leaders to urgently implement the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 6 which commits to the provision of water and sanitation for all. He was speaking during his opening address at the World Water Day Summit and Expo that was held at iNkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban from 22-24 March 2017.
Australia Australia: Welfare Sector Supports Bank Levy
The welfare sector has thrown its weight behind the bank levy, saying it is needed to pay for essential services.
Australia Australia: PM Plagued by Underemployment Concerns
Concerns many Australians are not getting as much work as they would like have taken the shine off figures showing a drop in the jobless rate.
Australia Australia: Expect Less from Government
Former PM Tony Abbott says Australians have to stop expecting so much from government if they want to see a surplus.
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