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Roundtable on Governance and Applications for Achieving the MDGs
Start Date: Dec 09, 2009
End Date: Dec 10, 2009
Venue: Bangkok
The Roundtable aims to establish a core network of policy makers, practitioners and experts, who would aggregate relevant regional experience and subsequently collaborate with DPADM in populating and updating the Knowledge Base on Governance, Citizens’ Engagement and Uses of ICT for Development, in particular for achievement of the MDGs.

Themes for the roundtable:

  • Governance with effective applications of ICT to achieve the MDGs, particularly the goals on (1) poverty and hunger, (2) education and health, (3) sustainable development and climate change preparedness, and (4) gender;
  • Partnership building for good governance with the use of ICT to achieve the MDGs; and
  • Sub-national, national, and international networks of stakeholders capable of contributing to the establishment of a Knowledge Base on the uses of ICT for good governance and for achieving the MDGs.


The immediate objectives of the roundtable are to:

  • Enhance understanding and knowledge among stakeholders of the key challenges and relevant uses of ICT to promote development, based on national and local experiences, and, in particular, the achievement of the MDGs (poverty alleviation, health and education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability including climate change preparedness);
  • Increase capacity of participants in a three-fold manner to: 
    • Assess the contributions from ICT for development, and specifically to attain the MDGs;
    • Formulate national strategies to accelerate the adoption of ICT for development and to reach the MDGs
    • Make successful partnerships, involving a ariety of diverse stakeholders from the private, social and public sectors, to foster the introduction of ICT for development, in particular to reach the MDGs.
  • Develop a matrix of viable uses of ICT for development and specifically for achieving the MDGs, taking into consideration diverse national contexts (geographical, socioeconomic, cultural, regulatory, etc.);
  • Make preliminary recommendations on concrete issues to include in a global agenda (to be discussed later on in the final Integrative Roundtable at the UN Headquarters, as mentioned before) to further promote ICT applications for development, in particular aiming at the MDGs;
  • Create regional networks for accumulation and dissemination of knowledge and good practices and lessons to support and contribute to the DPADM Knowledge Base on Governance, Citizens’ Engagement and Uses of ICT for Development, and explore possibilities of future inter-regional, inter-country and intra-country collaborations; and
  • Identify opportunities to put together and finance new technical cooperation projects in the Region on these subjects.


The total number of participants expected at the roundtables is approximately 60, as follows:

  • Mid-high level public policy makers and/or public programme managers, in national and sub-national governments, from a significant number of different countries and international organizations in Asia, in the fields of: i) poverty alleviation and employment creation;
    ii) education and health; iii) sustainable development and climate change, and iv) gender equality.
  • Experienced professionals from ICT industries or related professionals who are knowledgeable about opportunities and challenges on the use of ICT for achieving the MDGs.

    Participants will also include representatives of civil society, NGOs, the media and the private sector, as well as the United Nations organizations and agencies.


Aide Memoire 
List of Participants


An Overview of ICT Applications for Sustainable Development Focusing on Climate Change Preparedness
White Paper: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education for Development
ICT Applications in e-Health: Improving Community Healthcare Services Towards Achieving the MDGs
ICT in Health for Development:  A White Paper Commissioned by UNDESA-GAID
Information & Communication Technology in Education:  A Curriculum for Schools and Programme of Teacher Development
Asia Pacific Information Society Innovation Fund – ISIF Asia 
e-Governance for Municipal Development in the Philippines
Role of ICT in improving medical care in northern Thailand
Telecentre - An approach using ICT for rural community development in Nepal
Development of an ICT-based e-Health System with Integrated e-Prescription
A case note of National Connectivity's project at Timor-Leste for ICT4D
High-Tech Mosquito Control System Applied with GIS
High-Tech Mosquito Control System Applied with GIS.ppt 
Development of an Integrated e-Prescription System with Adverse Drug Events Alert for Community Health Center in Indonesia
Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System (WEMS)
Telecentre: Community Knowledge Hubs and Networks
ICT Enabled Life Skill and Sexuality Education for Adolescent Girls
The HIV/AIDS Regional Coordination (RCC) Project
ICT for Micros, Small and Medium Enterprises
ICT to Foster Egypt's Sustainable Human Development Programme
The Regional ICT-Based Network for Combating Communicable Diseases Including N1H1
Poverty and Hunger Reduction
Community e-Centers for Better Health
Integrated Development Approach for SIWA
NERGA and ICT for Poverty Reduction and Rural People Employment
Research4Life/Hinari Helping Doctors Save Lives
Tele-healthcare and Distance Medical Education – SGPGIMS Experience
UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Remote Medical Service System-An Application of ICT for Health
Khoun Community Radio for Development

Training Materials:

UNDESA-UNESCAP Workshop 9 Dec.: Introductory Presentation by Roberto Villlarreal
UNDESA-UNESCAP Workshop 9 Dec.: Preliminary Design Matrix on ICT for MDGs
UNDESA-UNESCAP Workshop 9 Dec.: Thematic Discussion on Poverty, Hunger and Employment
UNDESA-UNESCAP Workshop 9 Dec.: Thematic Discussion on Health and Education
UNDESA-UNESCAP  Workshop 9 Dec.: 4th Plenary Session on Knowledge Base
UNDESA-UNESCAP Workshop 9 Dec.: Internal Meeting
UNDESA-UNESCAP Workshop 9 Dec.: Thematic Discussion on Sustainable Development


Mr. Roberto Villarreal
Tel: +1-212-963-6168
Fax: +1-212-963-9681
E-mail: rvillarreal@un.org

Mr. Yosinobu Yonekawa
Sr. Governance and Public Administration Officer
Tel: +1-212-963-7009
Fax: +1-212-963-9681
E-mail: yonekawa@un.org

Ms. Elvira Cachola
Technical Cooperation Assistant
Tel: +1-212-963-1477
Fax: +1-212-963-9681
E-mail: cachola@un.org

Created By: DPADM / UNDESA
Organizers: DPADM/DESA and UNESCAP
Participation Requirements: By Invitation

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