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United States U.S.: Nextgov Goes in Depth - The 10 Best ‘Longreads’ of 2015
To wrap up the year, we thought we’d showcase the thoughtful, in-depth and, yes, long articles that tackle issues ranging from IT recruiting to improving government customer service.
Canada Canada: Manitoba's Planned Electoral Reform Could Lead to Lower Voting Age
The Manitoba government's plan to revamp the electoral system could lead to a younger voting age.
United States U.S.: Clinton Picks Polish over Populism with Tim Kaine
Hillary Clinton likes her chances as the establishment candidate, up against the most anti-establishment presidential nominee in history, and she’s not about to complicate things.
United States U.S.: IT COST Report Is ‘Decision Engine’ for Federal CIOs
The Commission on IT Cost, Opportunity, Strategy and Transparency (COST) unveiled what could be a “decision engine” for agency chief information officers.
United States U.S.: Is Your Agency Doing Digital Services Right?
Government modernization is a multifaceted process that has been challenging in almost every respect. Modernization takes time, effort, and a lot of money that many agencies just cannot seem to find.
United States U.S.: Get to Know Your State and Local Govies
What do a wildlife conservationist, a web coordinator, and a chief analytics officer all have in common? They all are passionate about serving their community in their role as state and local govies!
United States U.S.: Workforce Management Advice for the Next Administration
The National Academy of Public Administration wants to see more workforce accountability and bottom-up feedback from the next presidential administration. In a new report, titled “Transition 2016: Equipping the Government for Success in 2016 and Beyond," NAPA offers recommendations on effective approaches to workforce recruitment and retention.
United States U.S.: Census Moves Ahead with 2017 Testing Plans
The Census Bureau plans to employ an unprecedented scale of technology for the 2020 enumeration, but questions have been raised by legislators and watchdogs about the viability of the agency's ambitious technological plans.
United States U.S.: Which Agencies Have the Happiest IT Workers?
The Partnership for Public Service's deep dive into the 2015 federal job satisfaction data shows some bright spots for IT, human resources and contract specialists.
United States U.S.: Trump and GOP Outline Plans for Federal Government at Republican Convention
Republicans from across the country gathered in Cleveland this week to nominate Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, and while there was some discord in the party ranks, the GOP was united in its desire to cut the size and scope of government.
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