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Canada Canada: Political Parties Struggle to Manage Hateful Comments Online
OTTAWA—The recent terror attacks in Paris have led to a barrage of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant comments on the Facebook pages of federal politicians and their parties in Canada — much of it plainly visible to the public. Managing racist, sexist, homophobic and harassing material is just one of the new challenges facing parties who want to have an active social media presence, grounded in the concept of free speech and open dialogue.
United States U.S.: Why Obama's Cybersecurity Plan May Not Make Americans Safer
On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama appeared before the American people and again acknowledged digital data theft and data destruction as one of the most important issues facing the nation: -- No foreign nation, no hacker, should be able to shut down our networks, steal our trade secrets, or invade the privacy of American families, especially our kids. We are making sure our government integrates intelligence to combat cyber threats, just as we have done to combat terrorism. And tonight, ...
United States U.S.: How to Land a Leadership Role in 2015
This is the year you take the plunge. You’ve been doing a fantastic job in your role so far, but you’re ready to take the next step and get into leadership. You know you can do it – but how do you prove to your managers that you’re ready? The biggest secret to getting a leadership role is this: you don’t have to be given the title in order to be a leader. Even if you’re in an entry-level position, you can start acting like a leader. If you want to be promoted into leadership in 2015, now ...
United States U.S.: Google Reveals its Innovation Lab for Government
Those who know of Google likely know in one way or another of the Google X Innovation Lab -- a place where inventions like driverless cars, Google Glass and project Loon, a program to deliver cell connectivity by way of high-altitude balloons, were born. And now, the Silicon Valley giant plans to apply this kind of inventive thinking to the public sector, through its Google Government Innovation Lab.
United States U.S.: Federal Lawmakers Unite on Community Broadband
A group of U.S. legislators have introduced a measure to help cities build their own high-speed networks. by Brian Heaton / January 23, 2015 Share on email Sen. Cory Booker Emile Wamsteker Advocates of cities’ rights to build their own broadband networks have a new champion at the federal level – Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J.
United States U.S.: 5 Strategic Planning Mistakes to Avoid in 2015
Now that we are beginning 2015, many nonprofit and government leaders are rethinking their strategies and strategic plans. Just like most New Year’s resolutions, strategic goals are easy to plan but difficult to implement. We have a little advice for leaders trying to get out of that typical cycle. Here are five mistakes we typically see:
United States U.S.: State Auditor Calls for More Local Government Transparency in Washington
The most common obstacles local governments face include tight budgets, part-time staff or volunteers, inadequate oversight by elected or appointed officials and inadequate technology.
United States U.S.: New Year, New Threats - Electronic Health Record Cyberattacks
The recent flood of cyberattacks means that hackers are relentless and more sophisticated than ever before.
United States US Digital Team Reaches Across Pond to Share Code, Best Practices
The federal government’s in-house geek squad is strengthening ties with similar innovators overseas as part of an “ongoing digital partnership” between the U.S. and the U.K., Obama administration officials announced Friday.
United States U.S.: Obama Announces New Cyber War Games Partnership with Great Britain
President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron jointly announced a new partnership Friday that seeks to bolster cyberdefense cooperation between the two allies and deepen collaboration among each country's intelligence agencies.
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