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Global Developing Future Social Protection Systems Retirement Income
The paper aims to introduce the social security systems around the world – in developed countries and emerging markets alike – are facing substantial challenges as a result of changing demographics, fiscal constraints, economic instability and volatile financial markets. There is a need to not only address the long-term problems associated with these challenges, but also take short-term action.
Global Can the World Cut Poverty in Half? How Policy Reform and Effective Aid Can Meet the International Development Goals
The paper develops a model of efficient aid in which the total volume of aid is endogenous. In particular, aid flows respond to policy improvements that create a better environment for poverty reduction and effective aid. The authors use the model to investigate scenarios of policy reform, more efficient aid, and greater volumes of aid that point the way to how the world can cut poverty in half in every major region of the world.
Indonesia Vote-buying in Indonesia’s 2014 Elections: The Other Side of the Coin
This paper is related to 1、The current electoral system in Indonesia has allowed vote-buying to flourish. As such, the intermediaries (korlap) in the process increasingly play a stronger role in determining whether and how people vote. 2、The korlap work for the candidate, but demand for monetary returns for votes also comes from the voters who see elections as a way to make short-term gains. 3、Korlap employ in-depth knowledge of their communities to effectively target and ...
Global A Framework for Public Pension Fund Management
This paper has attempted to draw together a set of principles which collectively define what we regard as best practice for establishing and operating a public pension scheme. The driving principles behind this framework are that the scheme should have clear objectives, be free from conflicts of interest, be operated in as transparent a manner as possible and that the operators of the scheme should be accountable to its members for their decisions and for the extent to which they have meet or fa ...
Global Global Aging and the Sustainability of Public Pension Systems
The essays in this volume chronicle the effort s of twelve developed countries to prepare for their coming age waves—and in particular, to reform their public pension systems. The authors contrast and compare retirement systems in different countries, discuss recent reforms, and evaluate likely developments.
Global Managing Public Investment Funds: Best Practices and Remaining Questions
This paper examines how to better secure prudent and economically sound public fund management practices. In particular the authors focus on how to formulate and build a strong governance structure for managing the assets, how one might protect the assets from political interference, and what sensible investment policy might entail. They compare three distinct forms of public funds, namely foreign exchange reserve funds, sovereign wealth funds, and public pension funds, to document similarities ...
Global Labor Relations and the Law in South Korea
This Comment looks at labor legislation's role in shaping the present state of labor relations in South Korea. A brief history of the government's symbiotic relationship with business serves as a backdrop for assessing the current laws. The laws have an employer bias accentuated by the broad administrative oversight government has over labor relations. More troublesome provisions of the laws are considered in detail. This Comment then turns to recent pro-labor changes in the laws but discusses w ...
India The Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
India of the 21st century is an aspiring country. Faster, sustainable and inclusive growth is her aspiration. Science, Technology and innovation leading to applications of products of Research and Development will need to play defining roles. The large demographic dividend and talent pool of the country offer unique opportunities the National STI enterprise for earning for itself a central position in national development though its excellence, relevance and performance.
Global Is the APEC Approach to Food Security Viable?
This paper shows that sharp increases and volatility in food prices in recent years have forced policymakers to pay more attention to the issue of food security. Food security involves four dimensions: availability, physical access, economic access, and utilization. In the past decade, food prices have been rising because demand has Out stripped supply. Although APEC has, at times, been criticized as a “talk shop”, it can play an important role in increasing food supplies because of its geograp ...
New Zealand New Zealand Competition Law and Policy in 1998-1999
This report summarizes the major developments in New Zealand’s competition law, the enforcement of that law, and in competition policy generally, over the period 1 September 1998 to 31 August 1999. In terms of competition law, draft legislation is currently before the Parliament that seeks to strength the Commerce Act’s: misuse of a dominant position prohibition; threshold for business acquisitions; penalties, remedies and associated court processes.

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