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Oman (Sultanate of) Internet access in Oman gets easier in Arabic
For the first time in Oman, the Telecommunications Regularity Authority (TRA) has launched the first Arabic domain ".oman" to facilitate Arab users of the Internet. This initiative is a major step towards encouraging individuals and institutions to use the Arabic domain name as an address for their websites.
United States U.S.: Obama Says Customer Experience is a Big Deal. Is it?
On his final appearance on "The Daily Show," President Obama talked about technology, government modernization and – perhaps most important – his administration’s push to improve the relationship between federal agencies and the customers they serve.
New Zealand New Zealand is 13th (a notch lower) in Global e-Government Ranking
Waseda University study lists areas to focus on to make it to the top 10.
Indonesia Challenges in e-Government Implementation
With over 250 million people, Indonesia has the world’s fourth-largest population and the largest in Southeast Asia. While the government’s vision for information and communications technology (ICT) is “to bring into reality a modern information society, prosperous and highly competitive, with strong support from ICT”, the current development is still a long way off this goal.
Global UK Online Retail Sales to Reach GBP 43.3 bln in 2015
Research by Mintel shows that UK sales made by internet companies without physical stores are set to grow by 18 percent in 2015 to reach GBP 21.8 billion, reports The Telegraph newspaper.
Global Project Aims to Boost Digital Skills for Vulnerable People
The Carnegie UK Trust is launching a new digital inclusion project in August called #NotWithoutMe.
United States U.S.: Strategic Federal Human Capital Management – Talent Acquision
As federal agencies grapple with outdated legacy systems while attempting to evolve in order to better address the new challenges of the 21st century, many federal Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) look to take a two-tiered plan of attack.
United States U.S.: Speed Up Efforts to Standardize Spending Data, Watchdog Tells Agencies
The White House-led effort to standardize agency data under the 2014 Digital Accountability and Transparency Act shows progress but should be accelerated to circulate standards that would make spending data more consistent, a congressional watchdog said.
United States U.S.: DHS Secretary OKs Bill to Monitor Federal Network
An Obama administration top official has endorsed bipartisan legislation that would allow the Department of Homeland Security to surveil public Internet traffic on government networks.
United States U.S.: California Launches Reporting Website to Target Water Wasters
The Department of Technology and California’s Save Our Water public education program partnered to develop and launch the mobile-optimized website SaveWater.ca.gov.
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