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4th Global Forum on Reinventing Government

Theme: Partnerships for Development and Democracy
Where: Marrakech, Morocco
When: 11-13 December 2002

1. Aide Memoire
2. List of Participants
3. Final Report
4. Press Reports
5. Background Papers
6. Workshops
Aide Memoire

Aide-Mémoire (English, French)

Programme Outline (English, French)

List of the Background Papers

List of the Participants

Final Report

Final Report (in French)

Letter dated 12 September 2003 from the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General (A/58/383)
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Press Reports Pre-Conference Press Release
Post-Conference Press Release

Background Papers

Part One - Democracy and Development  

Part Two : Globalization, Role of the State and Public Sector Capacity   Part Three - Partnerships for Growth and Equity   Part Four - Capacity Development to Achieve Millennium Summit Goals  


Sponsorship and Purpose

Background of the Global Forum and the Workshops



Organization and Outcome

Preliminary Programme

Accommodation and Other Logistic Matters:
Information Note for UN-DESA Funded Participants
Information Note for All Other Participants (non-funded by UN-DESA)

List of Most Recent Publicationson Display

Report of the Workshops

Workshops on Various Themes and RelatedDocuments

Aide-Mémoire of the Capacity Development Workshops  

Programme of the Capacity Development Workshops


Workshop 1: Strengthening Governance Institutions and Systems
Organizers: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - IDEA and UNDP Human Development Report Office

Workshop 2: Decentralized Governance for Poverty Reduction
Organizer: United Nations Development Programme

Workshop 3: Public Administration Reform and Management Innovation in Developing Countries
Organizer: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)

Workshop 4: Fostering the Availability, Quality and Access to Public Services
SSPA - Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione (School of Public Administration), Italy

Workshop 5: Strengthening Partnerships between the State, the Private Sector and Civil Society
Center of Public and Health Management (IPAS), Bocconi University, Italy

Workshop 6: Strengthening Central-Regional Relationships and Processes
Formez - Training and Study Centre

Workshop 7: Globalization, Role of the State and the Enabling Environment
UNDESA and the World Bank

Workshop 8: Trade and Investment in a Globalized World Economy

Workshop 9: Improving Resource Mobilization and Tax Administration Systems
Association de Planification Fiscale et Financiere, Montreal and UNDESA

Workshop 10: Enhancing Accountability and Transparency
Transparency International

      • Synopsis
      • Aide-Mémoire
      • Agenda and Speakers
      • Background papers
      • Coordinator:
        Mr. Miklos Marschall, Executive Director, Transparency International

Workshop 11: Gender and Governance
United Development Fund for Women, UNIFEM

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