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The Official Website of the City of Shanghai
Institution: Shanghai Municipal Government
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2001
Summary: As the general platform for message distribution of all the city agencies under Shanghai municipality, “China Shanghai” government official website opens a window for all the city agencies to connect their intranets with the world. The key tasks of “China Shanghai” are: to transfer and release the messages from Shanghai municipality on Internet; to establish the Internet message channel between the government, the citizens and the enterprises or agencies; to enable the government to provide online services such as citizen-oriented public affairs and administrative approval.
The purpose of “China Shanghai” government official website are: to build channel for citizens’ participation in public affairs, improve the transparency of government work and guarantee citizens’ right of knowing-inside; via Internet and IT applications, to provide government the effective way such as online-service and online-office, to facilitate citizen or enterprise handling relevant business, to drive government BPR, to improve government administration efficiency; to strength the interactivity with local private networks and intranets during the process of Shanghai establishing the administration system adaptable to economic and social development; to become the model of Shanghai e-government affairs during the process of promoting e-government coordination, online affair-handling and e-mail application.
Impact: The inclusion of China Shanghai as the third best practice in the report Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide 2005 is based on its third place ranking in the 2005 evaluation, which is based on a survey considering the practice of digital governance in 98 large municipalities worldwide. The high ranking is a reflection of Shanghai’s balanced performance throughout the five categories considered (i.e., 1. Security and Privacy; 2. Usability; 3. Content; 4. Services; and 5. Citizen Participation.)
Source: http://www.andromeda.rutgers.edu and http://www.gepegi.org
Project Home URL: http://www.shanghai.gov.cn/

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