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Knowledge Base of ICT Applications for Public Service

Electronic Labor Exchange (ELX)
Institution: The Ministry of Human Resources
Theme: Electronic and Mobile Government, Internet Governance
Implementation Date: May 30, 2002

The Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX) is an application under the Multimedia Super Corridor Flagship, Electronic Government Project. It is a one-stop center for Malaysian labour market information to enable employers and job seekers to communicate electronically on the same platform. ELX comprises three modules:
- The Job Clearing System (JCS) is an online automatic job matching system. JCS provides facilities for job seekers to seek suitable jobs and for employers to get the right candidates. Job seekers can fill online job applications, while employers can manage the application using JCS. All these facilities are brought to users with no charge.
- The Labour Market Database (LMD) maps and consolidates the labour market data from various internal and external sources.
- The Office Productivity Support System (OPSS) has the capability for e-mailing, scheduling, collaboration and document management, in addition to the handling of complaints from workers and employers.

It is the aim of ELX to improve the services, facilities and accessibilities of MOHR to its clients through the use of information and communication technology (ICT).
The objectives of the system are:
- To improve mobilization of the nation's human resources and to ensure that manpower utilization is optimized through the systematic matching of job seekers to job vacancies.
- To be a one-stop centre for labour market information that will be accessible to the public, both locally and overseas, including Malaysian students studying abroad and potential foreign investors.

Impact: From 1/1/05 to 17/2/05, 11,086 job seekers and 466 employers were registered. During that period, 3,447 vacancies were posted resulting in 21,320 jobs matched.
The programme also aims to encourage Malaysian citizens with expertise residing overseas to return to Malaysia.
Source: Multimedia Super Corridor, Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia
Project Home URL: http://www.mohr.gov.my

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