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Land Information System
Institution: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (ONMR)
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2002
Summary: Land Information Ontario (LIO) assists the public and private sectors to easily find, access, and use geographic information about Ontario, recognizing that geographic information is used in a wide variety of applications by a variety of sources from emergency responses such as forest fires and planning emergency routes to precision farming; or on an even more basic level, school bus drivers looking to optimize their bus routes.
Impact: Land Information Ontario (LIO) allows anyone in the world, using any standard to access the information. The project ensures information is accessible, integrated, affordable and useable by diverse business activities and stakeholders. It also reduces duplication of effort, cuts costs, and improves decision-making.
Source: Stockholm Challenge Award
Project Home URL: http://www.lio.mnr.gov.on.ca

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