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Dublin City Information Gateway
Institution: Dublin City Development Board
Implementation Date: ene 01, 2002
Summary: The www.dublin.ie web portal is an information gateway for Dublin City where citizens can access services in the city, obtain information, establish their own web presence and influence policy decisions.

It attempts to provide citizens with interactive access to a range of services, information and products available in the city from both private and public sector providers.

One feature of this portal is the searchable Directory of Businesses and services in Dublin City. Organisations/Clubs and individuals can set up a free email account, and in the Bulletin Board section you can debate the prevailing issues in Dublin City.
Impact: The dublin.ie project harnesses the communications power of the Internet to bring Dublin closer to its citizens.

It advances the integration of local government and local development, facilitating local organisations, bodies and groups to communicate with citizens and with each other; addresses the danger of increasing social exclusion through the digital divide by giving free web space and free web.

And active participation in city and community initiatives is encouraged through the on line community forum and provision of bulletin boards.
Source: Stockholm Challenge Award
Project Home URL: http://www.dublin.ie

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