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   CellTrust SecureSMS
Created Date: 11/17/2009 4:49:32 PM
Country: United States
Focus: Citizen Engagement, Institution and HR Management
Status: In use
License: Proprietary
Product Type: Software - Mobile
Target Users: public administration institutions
Developer Name: CellTrust
Product Url:

CellTrust SecureSMS provides de-facto two-factor authentication with a combination of the device ID (something you have) and a secure PIN (something you know) sent via AES encrypted SecureSMS representing a cutting-edge, disruptive technology which makes the need for today’s commonly used two-factor authentication scenarios obsolete. By using CellTrust''s Mobile Banking and Finance solution, no longer is security an obstacle and no longer are multiple technology providers or an expensive infrastructure required.

The Secure Mobile Banking and Finance Solution from CellTrust provides an automatic, transparent and comprehensive audit trail meeting most major compliancy requirements.

CellTrust chose the ubiquity and familiarity of SMS upon which to base its SecureSMS Micro Client. When combined with the CellTrust SecureSMS Gateway to over 218 countries and over 700 carriers it provides an extremely secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective bridge to enterprise mobile banking systems and their customers as they travel around the globe. SecureSMS makes two-way mobile communication between the customer and the financial institution viable.

When coupled with CellTrust SecureWallet, the mobile financial capabilities of the institution are dramatically increased. The market opportunities to add value while generating revenue via the mobile device are substantial. Mobile Banking is expected to explode with some analysts predicting 1 billion mobile banking users by 2012.

Secure mobile Banking, Payment and Finance Solution benefits and features:

  • Removes security obstacles for mobile transactions, and sensitive information
  • Opens up the mobile device and SMS as an auditable, documented communication channel
  • Provides de facto two-way authentication and mobile anti-fraud security
  • Significantly reduces transaction cost and improves user experience
  • User friendly and familiar SMS method is ubiquitous yet discreet
  • No IVR call back is required for authentication
  • Message can be easily reviewed multiple times without incurring additional cost
  • Secure SMS messages can be saved and archived whereas, IVR messages may not be available
  • No browser/page compatibility requirements or problems with SMS
  • SecureWallet provides secure mobile depository for all types of financial information
  • New channel to build brand loyalty and provide value-added services piggy-backed on important information

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