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   Google Trader (Uganda)
Created Date: 10/31/2009 1:41:55 AM
Country: Uganda
Focus: Citizen Engagement
Status: In use
License: Proprietary
Product Type: Software - Mobile
Developer Name: Wai Min test
Product Url:

Google Trader

Buy and sell on your mobile phone!

Google Trader is a marketplace application that allows you to buy and sell goods and services on your phone using SMS.

Want to sell your house or mobile? Post your ad on Google Trader so that people who want to buy what you want to sell can easily find you. Looking for a job? Search for jobs by location or vocation or look for transportation (car, motorcycle, boda) to get you to your job on Google Trader.

Use Google Trader to find anything that you need to have, or want to sell or trade.

To get started, text “Help” to:


This service is free from Google but charges from your carrier for usage may apply. Currently supported by MTN Uganda only.


You can start searching for items to buy on Google Trader.

BUY toyota, kampala

Text your query to 6007

1 seller for "toyota, kampala": A) Toyota Highlander, low mileage, $8000, call Terry at 077-123456

Google Trader returns relevant results

To sell items, you will first have to register. Once you’ve registered, you can start listing the items you have for sale.


Register to sell on Google Trader
(only required once per number)

Thanks for joining. To sell an item reply with SELL and details about the item. By doing so you agree to terms...

Confirmation that you’ve been registered

SELL Toyota Highlander, low mileage, $8000, call Terry at 077-123456

Post the item you want to sell on Google Trader

Thank you! Your post will soon be seen by other buyers and sellers on 6007. Reply with HELP for more options.

Confirmation that your post has been accepted


How much does it cost to post an item on Google Trader?

Google Trader is free!  However, standard rates apply for all SMSes that you send.

How do I look for items to buy?

You can search for items by sending a message to 6007.  This message must start with the word  BUY, followed by the words that you would like to search for.  For example, to search for electronics, you would send  BUY electronics  to 6007.    To search for used Toyotas for sale, you might send  BUY toyota  to 6007

If you are only interested in items near you, enter the name of your city or town as part of the query.  For example,  BUY toyota Kampala  will only display items that are available within 50 kilometers of Kampala.

How do I post an item to sell?

To sell items on your phone, you must first register to sell.  This is easily done by sending the word  REGISTER  to 6007.  You only need to do this once, and then you can sell as many items as you like.  You post your item for sale by sending a message describing the item to the number 6007.  This message must start with the word SELL, followed by a description of the item, the price, and a way to contact you.  If you don''t include a phone number or email address in your post, Soko will automatically add this information to the end of your post.  For example, to sell your Nokia phone, you might send  SELL Nokia 1305 UGX 20,000 Kampala call Joe at 0781234567  to 6007. 

How do I see the items that I have available to sell?

To see the items that you have for sale on your phone, SMS the word  LIST  to 6007.

How do I an item that I have made available to sell?

To an item on your phone, SMS the word    to 6007 to receive a list of your items for sale.  Note the number in front of the item that you wish to , then SMS the word    followed by that number.  For example, to the first item in your list, you would send  1  to 6007.

How do I change an item that I have made available to sell?

There is no way to edit an item on your phone.  If you need to change an item, you need to it and then post it again.

What can I post to Google Trader?

You can post almost anything as long as your items are consistent with our  Program Policies.  For example, your post must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in Uganda.

How to report a policy violation

To report a bad item, SMS the word  REPORT, followed by the letter in front of the item, to 6007.  For example, if you wanted to report the first item from a search as inappropriate, SMS  REPORT A  to 6007.

Which languages does Google Trader support?

You can describe your items in any language that you like, but our service is only available in English. We look forward to offering more language options in the future.

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