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Knowledge Base of Innovative E-Government Practices

The Knowledge Base of Innovative E-government Practices is a compilation of recent case studies of Innovative e-government solutions, services and applications. The Knowledge Base does not promote one solution over another, but rather highlights e-government practices that place the citizen in the forefront.

Zanzibar - The Collaborative Procurement Solution for UK Government
Institution: Procserve
Theme: E-Procurement
Implementation Date: Jan 25, 2009
Summary: Zanzibar is the UK Government's strategic collaborative electronic
procurement system, developed by government organisations and OGC to optimise the process of purchasing goods and services and bring total transparency and real time visibility of public expenditure. Zanzibar is operated as a secure hosted managed service by ProcServe. It is available to all public sector organisations through a pan government framework agreement.

Zanzibar is a web-based purchase-to-pay (P2P) and electronic marketplace solution, providing a common hosted platform for ePurchasing and eInvoicing. By bringing together government contracts in a single platform, Zanzibar enables collaboration across all public sector buying organisations and provides access to the best pricing and transaction ready suppliers. Through Zanzibar, buying organisations can trade with any of their suppliers, local or global, large or small. It is provided as a managed service and the technology is hosted and maintained in a secure data centre with ongoing project and helpdesk support available to all
buyers and suppliers.

The Zanzibar eMarketplace now includes well over 9,000 connected suppliers and 1,000 electronic catalogues including all of the pan government collaborative agreements. The range of users also continues to grow. Zanzibar is helping organisations like the Crown Prosecution Service, DWP, Communities and Local Government, the Bank of England, Treasury Solicitors, housing associations and many others to buy more efficiently and deliver tangible savings. Zanzibar is now a pivotal part of the Department of Work & Pensions' recently launched Oracle Shared Services offering to other government departments including the Cabinet Office, CMEC and the Department for Children Schools and Families as well as rolling out in major strategic programmes such as OPEN to 22,000 schools and xchangewales.
Impact: Ability to collaborate: The time and expense of putting a collaborative deal in place can be significantly wasted if the
catalogue and content is not easily visible or is difficult to
search and order from. Zanzibar provides an easy access to the
best value collaborative agreements and is the only marketplace
that can host all of the OGC collaborative category content as
well as an array of Public Sector pan government, regional and
local deals. Zanzibar users can add their content so that
buyers in their own and other organisations can reap the
benefits of their deals. Who has access to the content is a
matter for the contracting authority to decide and the system
is configured to strictly control this.

Easy to use: From requisitions to accounts payable, customers
have access to easy to use online tools to automate the entire
P2P process. The service can be accessed by clicking a single
link from their desktop, combining their personal Internet
shopping experience with HM Government Impact Level 2 security

Management Information: Zanzibar gives you up to date management information on what you buy, from whom and at what
price. It uses a UNSPSC coding standard that gives line item detail to the third and fourth pairing that can be mapped to any other coding convention so that you get the information you need, when you need it at the touch of a button.

Cuts the overheads of catalogue management: Zanzibar's supplier
catalogues and content is managed by the supplier, cutting out
the need and overhead of performing this task internally.

Enhancing existing IT investments: Zanzibar is ‘Technology
Agnostic', readily connecting with the main back office technology providers using tried and tested standard interfaces. ProcServe enjoys excellent relationships working in partnership with global IT players to refine and enhance our technical approach to reduce time and costs to our customers and give them a better, more seamless user experience.

A complete hosted managed service: Zanzibar is a hosted managed service delivered by ProcServe. No capital outlay and no dedicated IT resources are required. ProcServe operates the Zanzibar service on behalf of the Government ensuring that it meets stringent technical, security and service requirements. Zanzibar was designed by the Public Sector for the Public Sector and every aspect of the service has and will continue to be developed by its users. All subscribing organisations are able to take part in the governance of the service to ensure that it is future proofed by its customers.

Simple Engagement: Zanzibar is available to all UK public
sector organisations through a pre competed single supplier
framework agreement. There is no requirement for any public
sector body to recomplete its eMarketplace requirements.

Free to Suppliers: Zanzibar sets out to lower the barriers to
electronic trading in the Government marketplace. There are no
charges to suppliers of connecting to the system and using any
of its functionality. Zanzibar trading is and will continue to be available free of supplier, joining transaction charges or subscription fees. We strongly believe that this is a key consideration, particularly for smaller and newer businesses giving them the opportunity to put their goods and services in the public sector shop window on an equal footing with larger and more established suppliers.
Source: ProcServe
Project Home URL: http://www.procserve.com/solutions/zanzibar/

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