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Knowledge Base of Innovative E-Government Practices

The Knowledge Base of Innovative E-government Practices is a compilation of recent case studies of Innovative e-government solutions, services and applications. The Knowledge Base does not promote one solution over another, but rather highlights e-government practices that place the citizen in the forefront.

Accessible Information on Development Activities (AiDA) Initiative
Institution: Development Gateway Foundation
Theme: Information Access (and sharing)
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2001
Summary: The Accessible Information on Development Activities (AiDA) initiative is a component of the Development Gateway. The Development Gateway facilitates information exchange and dialogue to support the following objectives:

• Improve governance: public-sector (donor and government) transparency and effectiveness;
• Improve donor coordination and collaboration;
• Share knowledge and establish contacts to encourage collaboration; and
• Empower local communities.

AiDA is the largest single source of integrated information on development activities. The AiDA site serves as an online directory of development activities worldwide, with over 100,000 ongoing and planned activities in the live database. Hosted on the Development Gateway global web portal, it offers a quick overview of who is doing what in international development, where it is being done, and with what funds. Information is harvested from major bilateral donors, multilateral development banks and United Nations agencies. The directory is searchable by country, sector and donor.

With the aim of supporting donor coordination and collaboration, a key focus of the AiDA initiative is to facilitate knowledge-sharing through the application of common standards for information-sharing among development agencies and the creation of an online directory of development activities so that everyone can benefit from one another’s knowledge.

The AiDA Management Team works to, among other things:

• Create and maintain a comprehensive directory of development activities and make this available to the public at no cost;

• Promote the development and use of standards and tools to achieve information harmonization where they are essential for knowledge-sharing;

• Bring the AiDA community together through annual open meetings and other opportunities to create collective ownership and provide a forum for learning, collaboration and consensus on the standards for information-sharing;

• Promote partnerships with thematic and geographic networks to leverage AiDA information (repackage and add value) to meet needs of their stakeholders; and

• Promote use of AiDA information and explore practical ways to ensure access for areas with low connectivity.
Impact: AiDA reduces the time that users spend to find and use information. The information available through the web site helps planners, decision-makers and service providers to allocate and use resources more effectively by, among other things, reducing duplication, encouraging collaboration among peers pursuing common goals to enhance results, and targeting resources and interventions for areas that have not already been addressed.
Source: Development Gateway Foundation
Project Home URL: http://aida.developmentgateway.org

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