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Knowledge Base of Innovative E-Government Practices

The Knowledge Base of Innovative E-government Practices is a compilation of recent case studies of Innovative e-government solutions, services and applications. The Knowledge Base does not promote one solution over another, but rather highlights e-government practices that place the citizen in the forefront.

Tributación Online: A Computerized Tax System
Institution: National Superintendent of Tax Administration
Theme: E-Taxation
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2003
Summary: The National Superintendent of Tax Administration, charged with the collection of taxes in Peru, initiated a computerized tax system in an effort to make its operations more efficient by using ICTs. In 2003, tax payments started to be accepted online. In addition to tax administration, telematics have also been of benefit to other public institutions. For example, it has enabled the Office of Social Security Normalization (ONP) and Social Security and Health of Peru (ESSALUD) to relinquish their tax collection function to the National Superintendent of Tax Administration
Impact: ICTs have reduced the costs of digitizing forms by 20 per cent, and this efficiency in tax administration has reduced the number of personnel required to process taxes. At the same time, the number of returns that require verification and correction has been reduced, and fines for incomplete tax returns have been eliminated since the system rejects such returns.
Source: National Superintendent of Tax Administration
Project Home URL: http://www.icamericas.net/Cases_Reports/Tributacion/OnePager-Tributacion-SP.doc (in Spanish)

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