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Institution: Municipal Administration of the City of Vienna
Theme: Citizen Engagement
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2001
Summary: E-Vienna, a practical framework for the implementation of e-government solutions, is the follow-up project of Wiener (Viennese) Electronic Commerce. It is the current umbrella project for e-government of the Municipal Administration of the City of Vienna.

The project started at the beginning of 2001 with the goals of "citizen orientation, support for the economy, and administration simplification”. A fundamental part of e-Vienna is www.wien.gv.at, the main Web portal of the Municipal Administration of the city.

The web site offerings reflect a far-reaching social inclusion concept by also providing special content for teenagers and women as well as for people with special needs, such as the handicapped and the elderly. For example, there already is a senior link on www.wien.gv.at.

The Press and Information Service is planning to conduct a study on senior users, e.g., what they criticize on www.wien.gv.at, what they consider to be too difficult to use, etc. Concerning usability, for senior citizens, a larger font is available on www.wien.gv.at.

Moreover, there is another project, SeniorOnline, based on “Web for Groups” groupware, and community tools that were adapted to the needs of senior citizens. Online classes for senior citizens, handbooks for personal computers and the Internet, etc. are offered here.

In addition, www.wien.gv.at includes an English edition (www.wien.gv.at/english/) especially created for and used by tourists and English-speaking international residents. To reach an even larger number of citizens, about 50 public access points, i.e., public kiosks, are offered in public places within the Viennese city area; they can be operated via touch screens.

By 1997, the web site had covered about 3,000 pages and by July 2001, about 9,500 pages. The virtual administration guide, which can be accessed from the homepage of www.wien.gv.at, comprises information on administration procedures, PDF forms for downloading, electronic forms and contact links to administration departments. There are plans for additional applications.
Impact: Among the latest innovations in Vienna are access points, which are user-friendly and easy-to-service public Internet terminals provided at 300 locations in all parts of the city.

Citizens can use access points to send e-mails or Short Message Service messages, order tickets or submit applications and requests (e.g., for parking permits) to municipal authorities. Owing to an e-cash payment system, it will even be possible to pay the municipal fees for these applications and services directly via the access points. Based on this technology, Vienna is now introducing interactive outdoor advertising pillars.

To this end, the city has launched a public-private partnership with the Association for Progressive Communications, the developers of the new application, and GEWISTA; a Vienna-based media and advertising enterprise.
Source: Municipal Administration of the City of Vienna
Project Home URL: http://www.wien.gv.at/

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