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HELP: A Virtual Guide to Austrian Authorities and Institutions
Institution: Federal Chancellery
Theme: Knowledge Management in Government, Citizen Engagement
Implementation Date: Aug 20, 2008
Summary: HELP – www.help.gv.at – is an initiative of the Federal Chancellery. A virtual guide to Austrian authorities, offices and institutions, it offers citizens information about official procedures, deadlines and fees and makes forms available for downloading.

To support this initiative, a large number of services and a great deal of information are available, relating to approximately 150 life events. For individuals with enquiries or suggestions, there is a question-and-answer forum that is facilitated and supported by specialists with competences in ICT.

In order to be able to provide quick access to specific information, a special service is offered to target groups. Entrepreneurs, for example, receive quick, straightforward information and support concerning official procedures, e.g., the setting up of a business and the registration of employees.

In order to provide citizens from different countries with information on official proceedings in Austria, there is HELP with 18 life events/situations researched specifically for this target group. HELP has been designed to conform with Web

Accessibility Initiative guidelines for disabled persons so as to enable disabled citizens to access official procedures, information and services without barriers.

The electronic handling of official procedures means that citizens can complete their business with the authorities quickly, with only a few clicks of the mouse. The information is rapidly delivered via the Internet directly to the appropriate department. Various registration details, such as information on a person’s residence and business registration, can be delivered directly to the authorities.
Impact: HELP has become one of the leading e-government applications in Europe. A large number of services and information are available, targeted at approximately 150 life events.
Source: European (Europa)
Project Home URL: http://www.help.gv.at

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