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The electronic Birth Registration Information System (BRIS)
Institution: Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC)
Theme: Institution and HR Management
Implementation Date: Apr 01, 2001
Summary: Birth registration is seen as a fundamental right for all children, and is part of the mandate of Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC), one of the oldest municipalities in Bangladesh. Although birth registration has been carried out since the inception of RCC, the data was all registered manually; and the manual process was subject to delays and, in transferring data, errors, duplications and inconsistencies arose. The electronic system was therefore proposed, with financial assistance from Unicef Bangladesh.

The electronic Birth Registration Information System (BRIS) was introduced on a pilot basis in RCC. BRIS is based on a distributed application architecture, with four clients and one server connected via a local area network.

BRIS, as its name suggests, registers births electronically, providing a basic citizen identity, and building this data together with other into a population database that can be shared with other public agencies. For example, the Department of Health uses the system to help ensure immunisation of all children, with vaccination lists provided for health workers and immunisation schedules provided for parents on the basis of registration data. The system could also be used to assist with the process of school enrolment. BRIS works in Bengali, although it can also generate certificates and reports in English.

There are plans to move soon BRIS to a Web-based system that will potentially draw in a much broader range of agencies to share data.
Impact: This is a pilot project that has been running since April 2001 with no major interruptions. So far, the system can be deemed to be largely successful in its restricted LAN format. BRIS has removed duplication and redundancy from birth/registration records through centralized storage of data. It has automated searching, sorting, processing and reporting tasks (such as those associated with immunization) and very significantly reduced the time needed for such tasks. Error rates have also been reduced, with a combined ID number and bar-coding system. A CD-ROM of BRIS data has been created, that provides backup allowing the transfer and reuse of registration data outside the LAN system.
Source: http://www.egov4dev.org/rajshahi.htm
Project Home URL: http://unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/public/documents/unpan/unpan023588.pdf

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