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e-Seva Centers
Institution: West-Godavari District Administration in Andhra Pradesh State
Theme: Internet Governance
Implementation Date: Jan 01, 2002

This project, which is run by the West-Godavari District Administration in Andhra Pradesh State, India, has established Web-enabled rural ‘e-Seva Centres’ run by self-help groups of women from the poorest segments of society. The aim is to help them achieve economic independence. It is also an attempt to replace the traditional form of governance and its accompanying deficiencies with a modern, more open, transparent and responsive service delivery system.

Initially the project started in all 46 mandal (block) headquarters in the district, with the first women’s e-Seva centre opening in June 2002. More centres were then established in over 200 small villages, large villages or towns in Andhra Pradesh, delivering services to citizens.

The project delivers government services, facilitates utility and tax payments and provides business services, thus enabling poor women to get a better price for their products. This benefits the Government, the public and the women who run the centres or work in them.


The project is cost-effective for both the government and the beneficiaries as the centres work offline and access the Internet as required with a single local telephone call using dialup, thus providing a low-cost networking model. Statistics suggest that citizens are able to save around US$0.10 per house as consumers of e-Seva services, which would lead to district-level savings of over US$100,000 per month (c.US$1.4m a year) which is considered a great success. To further improve communication, wireless technology was adopted and 85 nodes were networked. Adopting wireless technology also enabled the project to reach citizens who were unable to connect to the Internet through traditional telephones lines.
The following benefits accrue to women:

• As the women’s income increases and they become well trained and well educated, they gain social respect. Villagers are coming to centres, asking for their advice and using their services;
• They find employment in their village;
• Working with technology makes them feel proud and gain self respect;
• They receive a monthly income. Currently the monthly net income for each of the larger e-Seva Centres averages US$300. This is shared among those involved in that centre, which varies from two to ten. On average each woman earns US$45 per month.

Source: http://www.egov4dev.org/
Project Home URL: http://unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/public/documents/unpan/unpan023551.pdf

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