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Real Time Crime Center
Institution: New York City Police Department
Theme: Knowledge Management in Government, Citizen Engagement
Implementation Date: Jul 01, 2005
Summary: When New York City detectives respond to a homicide, any piece of information can be critical to solving the crime. And not only do detectives rely on the information, they need it fast. Quickly providing police with essential data is the goal of the city’s new Real Time Crime Center.

The $11 million Real Time Crime Center, which first opened in July 2005, conducts rapid analysis of homicides and shootings citywide in order to provide a real-time assessment of emerging crime, crime patterns and potential criminal suspects as well as an up-to-date picture of police resources and their availability throughout the city.

The crime center is staffed by a complement of detectives and civilian analysts 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The Center’s staff uses a Web-based system to access such information as 911 calls and arrest records, to assist detectives in the field with investigations.

The center also has a two-story video system that can display information, maps and other data. The Real Time Crime Center gives detectives a picture of what's going on in the city, providing a situational overview and allowing police to construct a more coordinated strategy.

The Center gives investigators the jump-start needed in those critical first 48 hours after the commission of a crime, when getting the right lead can mean the arrest of a perpetrator before the trail goes cold.

Impact: Before the creation of the Real Time Crime Center it would take hours or days or even weeks to collect evidence and analyze it because of the difficulty in finding information from several different databases.

The data warehouse now provides immediate access within minutes to all those records – probation and parole records, complaints, 911 call histories, and state and federal crime records – by searching one database.

The Center supported detectives in the investigation of a wide array of homicides, which helped detectives solve 74% of all homicides in 2005.

As a result of this success, in February 2006 the expansion of the Center included: the addition of all NYPD arrest records dating back to 1995, new search capacities that combine multiple keyword and narrative text requests, and new visualization technology for graphical reporting of criminal incidents including linking of descriptive details associated with the suspect and incident location.

In addition, 175 new wireless laptops will allow detectives remote access to this warehouse of invaluable data as they investigate crimes throughout the five boroughs. It is also expanding the scope to cover all major and violent crimes including rapes, robberies, stabbings, kidnappings, and missing persons.

According to New York City Mayor Bloomberg, the expansion of the Center to include additional serious crimes ensures that our detectives have the most sophisticated resources at their disposal to stop crimes before they become trends and catch criminals before they strike again.
Source: IBM
Project Home URL: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/

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