Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM)
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Contribution to ECOSOC–AMR Themes

Contribution to ECOSOC–AMR Themes

The Annual Ministerial Review Themes have been included for discussion in CEPA when relevant. Please click on the theme to view the major recommendations.

CEPA Focus Areas in Relation to DPADM Work

Below, the relevant sessions and sub-themes are displayed. Please click on the sessions to view the major recommendations.

I.  Topics Related to the Public Administration, Governance and Development  
Session 10
  • Public Governance for Results in General
  • Post-conflict and Post Disaster Countries
  • Social Protection of Vulnerable Populations
Session 7
  • Capacity-Building for the MDGs
  • Capacity-Building for Post-Conflict Reconstruction
  • Capacity-Building for Disaster Management and Preparedness
Session 6
  • Policy Development; Service Delivery; Budgeting and Public Accountability
Session 5
  • Innovations in Governance and Public Administration for the Achievement of the IADGs and MDGs
  • Searching for a Bottom-up Approach and Methodologies for Developing Foundations and Principles of Sound Public Administration
Session 4
  • Revitalizing Public Administration
Session 3
  • Strengthening Public Administration for the MDGs: a Partnership-Building Approach
Session 1
  • Enhancing the Capacity of Public Administration to Implement the United Nations Millennium Declaration

II.  Topics Specific to Institutional and Human Resource Capacity Development   

Session 9
  • Enhanced Public Governance for Speedy and Coordinated Policy Response
  • Leadership Capacity-building in the Public Sector in the Context of the Financial and Economic Crisis
Session 8
  • Human Resources Management Regime
  • Leadership and Learning
Session 4
  • Promoting and Rewarding Innovation and Excellence for Revitalizing Public Administration and Service Delivery 
Session 3
  • The role of Human Resources in Revitalizing Public Administration
  • Public Sector Institutional Capacity for African Renewal 
Session 2
  • Strengthening and Revitalizing Public Administration and the State
  • Human Resources Capacity Development


III. Topics Specific to Electronic/Mobile Government Development

Session 9
  • Citizen-centered Public Service Delivery
Session 8
  • Serving the Information Age
Session 3
  • The Role of the Public Sector in Advancing the Knowledge Society
Session 2
  • E-Government for Improved Transparency and Public Service Delivery

IV. Topics Specific to Citizen Engagement for Development Management

Session 9

  • Transparency and Accountability

Session 8

  • Accountability, Transparency and Citizen Trust in Government
Session 4
  • Searching for a Bottom-up Approach and Methodologies for Developing Foundations and Principles of Sound Public Administration

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