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Japan The Use of ICT and e-Learning in Higher Education in Japan
This paper mainly states the application of technologies in education in Japan is far behind of other developed countries. Especially in higher education, apathy of students towards their study prevails and teachers continue ignoring such student attitudes. E-learning, which is supposed to revolutionalize the way people learn as it has potentials to enable more student-centered learning, has not been realized in Japan and mostly used to perpetuate the teacher-centered teaching in a different for ...
Global S2KR09 A Study on Development Plan of ICT Education in Korea
infrastructures supporting for adapting ICT use in education are introduced. Those Infrastructures include laws and regulations, support for outstanding Municipal and Provincial Offices of Education, and educational information standardization, respectively. Finally, conclusions and future directions of ICT education in Korea are discussed. Woochun Jun has been a professor in Dept. of Computer Education at Seoul National University of Education, Seoul, Korea since Aug. 1998.
Jordan Information and Communication Technologies Policy in Japan: Meeting the Challenges Ahead
This paper mainly illustrates something about Japan’s ICT, which includes History of Japan’s ICT policy up to 2015, toward the ubiquitous networked society, ICT and macroeconomics: Three effects on economic growth, History of changes in the regulatory environment. The definition of ICT capital stock here is “electronic devices and soft-ware for use on computers which are capable of connecting net-works.” Information communication technology (ICT)
Global A Critical Impulse to e-Governance in the Asia Pacific Amita Singh
This book, A a Critical critical Impulse impulse to e-Governance in the Asia Pacific, is an effort to understand the technology in use, how it influences e-governance and what is the likelihood of its sustenance in view of the rising world of remote controls in the hands of transnational technology providers. It is a comparative study of selected Asia Pacific countries which are moving fast on the road to smart governance through e-governance. Administrators and politicians are central to publ ...
Japan Public Service Reform through Through e-Government: a A Case Study of ‘e-Tax’ in Japan
This paper is an initial attempt toward achieving this goal. The main objective of this paper is to examine the relationship between public service reform through e-government and actual government performance. We achieve Tthis objective is achieved through a multi-method approach, including a case study of Japan’s National Tax Agency (NTA)s sophisticated e-government initiative: an integrated “e-Tax” system networking the NTA with local tax offices throughout Japan. This paper makes an importan ...
Global A Case Study of Local E-government Performance in South Korea: Do Leadership and Management for Results Matter?
This study explores the influence of executive e-government leadership, management capacity, and management for results on employees’ perceptions of electronic-government performance in a local district in the Seoul Metropolitan Government, South Korea. This study also found finds that employees’ identification commitment with the organization is positively associated with their perceptions of e-government service quality and transparency. This paper is published in International Public Manag ...
Canada York University Comments on Zero Draft
York University submission of comments on zero draft
Global Governance Asia-Pacific Watch, September 2015, Issue 166
This e-magazine includes six categories: Policy and Legislation; Government Systems and Civil Service; Management, Innovation and Capacity Building; Socio-Economic Development and Informatization; Public Finance; Private Sector.
Global From Single Biobanks to International Networks: Developing E-governance
The future holds the possibility to link and network biobanks, existing biorepositories and reference databases for research purposes in ways that have not been possible before. There is the potential to develop ’research portals’ that will enable researchers to access these research resources that are located around the globe with the click of a mouse. The aim of this paper has been to articulate some of the challenges that networks for research pose for our current governance system.
Global The Global Information Technology Report 2015: ICTs for Inclusive Growth
Part 1 of the 2015 edition of The Global Information Technology Report assesses the state of networked readiness of 143 economies using the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and examines the role of ICTs in supporting inclusive growth through a number of contributions by leading experts and practitioners. Part 2 consists of an extensive data compendium with the detailed performance of each economy in the NRI and rankings for each of the 53 individual indicators included in the NRI.

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