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2010 United Nations E-Government Survey Award

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) publish the UN e-Government Survey every two years. This year for the first time, UNDESA will award countries that have set high standards for e-government development. The UN e-Government Survey serves as a tool for decision-makers to identify their areas of strength and challenges. This year’s winners embody the vision and commitment necessary to transform public administration to place the citizen at the center of the development of
e-services and e-content delivery.

The United Nations e-Government Survey 2010 SPECIAL AWARDS is awarded in three

Category 1 - Global Rankings

These countries have excelled in all facets of the UN e-Government Survey. They have
established robust telecommunications infrastructure, invested in the development of excellent
human capital capacity and provided exceptional e-services and e-content available 24 by 7. The
citizens of these countries have access to a plethora of e-services and e-content, and benefit from
sharing their opinions online and interacting directly with government decision-makers so that
their views can be incorporated in the planning, implementation and evaluation of public policies.

Countries awarded:
  • Republic of Korea (First Place)
  • United States (Second Place)
  • Canada (Third Place)

Category 2 - Outstanding Progress among the Top 20

These countries have strived to leap-frog in their e-government development to be ranked among
the top 20 for outstanding progress. The UN E-Government Survey, conducted since 2003,
witnessed the achievements by these countries which include the revamp of government portals
and websites and tremendous leaps forward in e-service delivery. These countries have
strengthened their citizen engagement through e-participation modalities. They have enhanced the
quality of e-services and e-content offered to the different population groups.

Countries awarded:
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • Bahrain

Category 3 – Regional Rankings

The top performing country for each region is awarded. The African region consisted of Central,
Eastern, North, Southern and Western Africa. The Americas region consisted of Central, North
and South America and the Caribbean. The Asian region consisted of Central, Eastern, Southern,
South-Eastern and Western Asia. The European region consisted of Eastern, Northern, Southern
and Western Europe. The Oceania region consisted of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

Countries awarded:

  • Tunisia (Africa region)
  • United States (Americas region)
  • Republic of Korea (Asia region)
  • United Kingdom (Europe region)
  • Australia (Oceania region)

List of Winners' Delegations
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