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30 April 2015
Call for Papers: 2015 EROPA Conference

Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA) will hold its 2015 Annual Conference in Shanghai, China from October 17-21, 2015. The Organizing Committee cordially invites professionals, academics and practitioners, PhD students and young researchers in public administration in the eastern region and beyond to participate in the conference and make presentations.

For more information, please click here.
08 December 2014
2014 Global City Informatization Forum Co-organized by RCOCI

During 2014 Global City Informatization Forum co-organized by Regional Cooperation Office for City Informatization (RCOCI), participants from all around the world deeply discussed and actively brainstormed on the theme of “Smartness, Integration, Convergence”. We came up with a number of fantastic new concepts, ideas and approaches benefited from collective wisdom in terms of accelerating ICT innovation, deepening construction of smart cities, and informatizing a better life.

Please click here to view the brief conclusion report.

For more information about the forum, please click here
24 September 2014
Call for 2014 Top Ten Global Smart City Outstanding Cases

To promote the cooperation and communication about smart city among the international society, the Organizing Committee of Global City Informatization Forum (GCIF) launches the activity to select “2014 Top Ten Global Smart City Outstanding Cases”, which is co-organized by Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Smart City Construction Promotion Center, and the website www.people.com.cn. Please send the application materials to the Organizing Committee of GCIF before October 10, 2014 through email at houjiajia@sass.org.cn.

Click the links below for more information:
Announcement       Application Form      Preliminary Agenda
22 September 2014
10th Biennial Conference of the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration (CAPAM)
  The 10th Biennial Conference of the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration (CAPAM) will be held from October 19 – 21, 2014. This event which will be held in partnership with the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), will take place at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya, Malaysia. 

For more information and to register, please visit, http://events.capam.org/.
10 June 2014
Call for Manuscripts International Journal of Civil Service Reform and Practice

The Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana seeks submissions to its journal, the International Journal of Civil Service Reform and Practice. The journal has successfully published two issues, and seeks to publish manuscripts of interest to participants of the Regional Hub. The Regional Hub was established in 2013. The Hub was initiated through a joint project between the United Nations Development Programme and the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Hub has over 30 participating countries and 5 international organizations.

For more information click here.

24 January 2014
RCOCI Signed New Strategic Cooperation Agreement
On January 15, as backbones of RCOCI, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences signed strategic agreement for future profound cooperation. The two parts will co-organize 2014 Global City Informatization Forum held in November, and the new website for the Forum was launched.

For more information, please click here.
08 November 2013
Congratulations! News of United States Has Reached its 1000 Pieces Milestone!
As an important part in the whole UNPAN system, Public Administration News has undergone steady development and the news of United States has reached another milestone, with its 1000 pieces of publication on North America Region, RCOCI is hereby happy to announce.
  • Top 3 most "clicked" regions brought by PA news: Asia-Pacific, Africa, North America
  • Top 5 countries with the largest number of PA news: South Africa, China, United States, India, Australia
It should be noticed, compared with the statistics issued one year ago, the number of news of United States has a sharp rise, exceeding India and popping into the top 3 list. Meanwhile, Australia’s news amount also greatly goes up, replacing Japan on the top 5 list.

19 July 2013
UNPAN-AP Editorial Department Publishes Documents on e-Gov and ICT Development
As a powerful tool for economic and social development, ICT aims at bridging the digital divide and aiding economic development by fostering equitable access to modern communications technologies. Recently UNPAN-AP Editorial Department collects and compiles about 150 documents on this specific topic, covering fields such as e-Gov, e-Commerce, e-Society, e-Security, Internet and Informatization Development. Please click here to read more.
2016 EROPA Conference: "iGovernance: Innovative. Inclusive. Integrity-Based"
Oct 10, 2016 to Oct 14, 2016

Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration, Philippine Civil Service Commission
Overall Plan on Promoting the Construction of World-Class Universities and First-Class Disciplines
To comprehensively promote the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines, realize the historic leap of China from a big country to a powerful country in terms of higher education, this plan is hereby made.
14 April 2016
Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Combination of Health Care and Pension Services
To further promote the combination of health care and pension services, the opinions are hereby put forward.
14 April 2016
An End to Internet Freedom
What was seen as the worst-case scenario for internet freedom in the country has taken place. The National Assembly approved the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, leaving the Senate as the only thing that now stands in the way of this bill being turned into law. When the government first announced that a new bill to prevent cybercrime was in the pipeline, experts thought PML-N was attempting to get ahead of a problem before it became major. Cybercrime and online harassment have only just begun to surface in Pakistan over the past five to seven years. With a growing population of internet users, which currently stands around 20 million, cybercrime was an expected eventuality. However, the government’s proposed solution mocks the initial optimism and does not seem to be targeted at those who harass others through the internet, but instead at any form of dissent against the government.
03 May 2016
Internet Censorship, Here and Over There
Uproar this year over an “Internet Kill Switch” bill has largely subsided because the legislation has stalled in the Senate. The summer controversy focused on a proposed presidential power to declare a national emergency and shut down parts of the Web dealing with “critical infrastructure,” for up to four weeks — which under a willing White House legal adviser, critics said, might lead to Chinese-style Web censorship for political enemies. Actually, the bill was never so specific. Sen. Joe Lieberman and its other sponsors in the Senate have argued the Protecting Cyberspace As a National Asset Act has no “kill switch” provision, only a sort of emergency-brake feature for the president in case of cyberwar. Or something. “What authority the government would have is not laid out at all in the law,” said Michelle Richardson, an ACLU lawyer tasked with tracking the bill. Adam Cohen was right last month when he argued in Time that the bill’s language had to be far more precise before people start to freak out (on one hand) or Congress allows it to become law (on the other).
03 May 2016
Lending to SMEs and Entrepreneurs Is Improving, but More Diverse Forms of Financing Are Needed
Financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has turned the corner from the downswing seen during the global financial crisis, but overall credit conditions remain challenging and access to external finance continues to be much tighter for SMEs than larger firms, according to a new OECD report. Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2016: An OECD Scoreboard underlines that SMEs remain over-reliant on bank financing and points out the need for a diversification of financing sources and instruments. The Scoreboard provides comprehensive data on debt, equity, asset-based finance, solvency and the framework conditions for SMEs and entrepreneurs, along with an overview of policy measures to ease SMEs’ access to finance in 37 countries. The OECD presented the report to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Washington as part of wider discussions on developing policies to boost diversification of financing instruments, a key priority of China’s G20 Presidency.
03 May 2016
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